Now that you’ve secured a spot at a Russian university, it’s time to pack your things. While it may seem easy at first, most international students tend to forget things. You may have a complete set of documents but forget a couple of clothes to battle the weather.

In general, you must bring your university and visa documents with you. It’s also necessary to pack all your bare essentials such as clothes, towels, and footwear. Depending on your student accommodation, you may even bring some kitchen supplies.

Before you start packing your carry-on bags and checked baggage, take a look at this list. See if you’re missing something or have to take away unnecessary items:


It’s better to store your documents in your checked baggage since it has more space. But your visa, passport, and airfare tickets must be in your carry-on bag. 

Bring your student visa documents, university documents, and valid IDs. You must also bring a copy of your insurance policy and any proof of financial capacity.

Note that certain airlines have regulations on prohibited items. Make sure to check them out to avoid violating any rules.


The clothes you’ll pack must be appropriate for the Russian weather. Make sure that you have enough for daily wear to school and some for special events.

Here are some clothes you can bring to Russia:

Depending on your taste, you can always buy more clothes once you get to Russia. There are plenty of outlet stores there from international brands such as Adidas and Zara.

Study Materials

Check with your university if there are certain study materials you must get. If there aren’t any, it’s best to buy a notebook or binder to keep your lecture notes.

You can also bring a Russian language book to improve your skills in the language. Just don’t bring too many textbooks that would weigh your luggage down.

You must also bring your laptop and/or tablet for note-taking and research purposes. A laptop is essential to every international student since you can also use it to call your family. Don’t forget to bring its charger plus other essential accessories.

Personal Items

It’s important to maintain healthy hygiene while studying in Russia. So it’s vital to bring items for your personal health and grooming.

Note that most of the items in this list are available in most Russian stores. It’s highly advisable to bring only enough of each to cover your first few weeks.

Here are some personal items you must bring:

Those who will study in Russia soon must bring certain items to ensure a comfortable stay. Want to find more articles about studying in Russia? Check out this list of must-try Russian foods and safety tips for international students in Russia.