If you are planning to study in Germany, you need to get your own health insurance, or your chosen institution won’t permit you to enroll. Thus, make sure to get health insurance as soon as you receive your acceptance letter from a German institution. 

The last thing you want to happen while studying abroad is to suddenly get sick and realize that you do not have the means to pay for your treatment. Health insurance in Germany will help you cover the costs you have to pay for medical care, treatment, and medication in the event of an illness or accident. In fact, it is mandatory for everyone in Germany to have health insurance. 

An Overview of Health Care in Germany

Germany has one of the best public healthcare systems in the world. In fact, in a US News Western European rankings for the best healthcare systems amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it ranked Germany 2nd. One of the reasons is that its government spends a lot on its health care, around 11.1% of its annual GDP. 

Germany makes use of the public-private system, a system they have been using since the 1880s. Thus, everyone gets access to free health care, as long as they have their own health insurance. A public health insurance to most of its citizens, and for its visitors, private health insurance. 

Health Insurance for International Students

German law requires everyone in the country to have their own health insurance, including foreign students. 

Health Insurance for International Students Eligibility and Coverage

In most cases, foreign students taking degree programs in the country are eligible for public health insurance. Foreign students who are not eligible belong to the following categories: 

For those eligible for public health insurance, it will still be up to them if they want to get it or not. 

Basic coverage of any insurance would usually cover the cost of the following: 

Aside from the basic coverage, students can also get additional plans covering their specific needs or conditions. 

Service Pack 

For most German institutions, their Student Service usually offers a Service Pack (Servicepaket) that covers basic things that first-year foreign students usually need. Although the pack inclusion varies per institution, the usual content includes student accommodation, meals, and health insurance. 

In most cases, students would usually have to organize them individually, especially their accommodation, and those can eat a lot of their time. However, a student pack makes it easier to access them. 

A pack is usually booked in advance, and students should start preparing for them before their studies begin. Moreover, due to the convenience and efficiency it brings, student packs are also in demand, so make sure to book as early as you can. 

Overall, health insurance in Germany can help your study abroad experience smoother. 

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