Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is famous for many things, including its history, which has helped shape not only Germany but the whole of Europe. It is also a popular study destination. 

The city has a long history. Before being the capital of Germany, it was the capital of the then kingdom of Prussia. In recent years, it has been known as one of the most progressive, and creative cities in Europe, and a burgeoning place for start-ups. 

However, despite the many splendid things about Berlin, there are still many budget-friendly places in this city that students can visit. 

Add the following places to your Berlin itinerary: 

Berlin’s East Side Gallery 

It has been more than three decades since the Berlin Wall, which divided Germany into two ideologies, fell. The physical wall, which had also divided the country’s people for almost three decades, was also dismantled as soon as the ideological wall fell. 

However, not all of the physical wall was destroyed. In fact, a remnant of the wall, around 1.3 km of it, became known as the East Side Gallery. What was then a symbol of oppression to the communist side of the country has now become an area for creative progress through its murals. In fact, the East Side Gallery has become one of the world’s largest open-air mural collections. Right now, more than a hundred paintings from numerous international artists are displayed on its walls. 

Visit Museum Island at a Lower Price 

The Museum Island (Museumsinsel) showcases Berlin’s most important works of art, artifacts, and architecture. Although the five museums present on the island were built between 1830 and 1930, the items inside the museums span thousands of years. There’s an entrance fee for the museums, but strolling around the island is free. 

If you want to enter the museums, the regular prices for tickets cost EUR 18 for the whole day, while individual tickets for each of the museums may cost around EUR 10 to 12. If you are a student, you can enter for a much lower price if you buy a Berlin Museum Pass for only EUR 14.50. The museum pass is valid for three days, and aside from the museums in Museum Island, you can also check out other participating museums in other parts of Berlin. 

Learn More About Germany’s Dark Past at the Topography of Terror 

The Topography of Terror (Topographie des Terrors) is located at the place where the main law enforcement institutions of Nazi Germany, including the Gestapo’s office, its own prison, the Reich Security Main Office, and so on, were originally located. 

Now the place serves as a museum showing various permanent and temporary exhibits, lectures, and educational programs to educate its visitors of Germany’s troubled past under Nazi rule. 

The place is also one of the budget-friendly places in Berlin, and you can enter it for free. Tours are also available on Sundays. However, if you want to visit the place and explore it on your own, you can check out the museum’s audio guide in English, also for free.

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