International students need a comfortable and secure place in France. Apart from basic shelter cover, their place will also serve as their second home in the country.

There are various student accommodation options in France. Some are cheap, others are costly. Some are within the city, while some are in suburbs.

Your choice of student accommodation should depend on your needs and lifestyle. If you’re still unsure about this process, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are student accommodation options in France:

Halls of Residence

The most popular student accommodation in France is residence halls. France’s regional centers called CROUS to manage these accommodations.

CROUS buildings are also the cheapest option among student accommodations. Students can even apply for housing assistance to cover other expenses.

Residence halls from CROUS cost €400 per month in Paris. Those outside the city cost around €200 every month.

If you want to choose a CROUS room as your accommodation, you have to remember a couple of things.

First, the application process varies depending on your student program. Second, you can get CROUS accommodation if your university has an agreement with CROUS.

Student Hostels

A CROUS room is hard to find due to limited availability. This is where a student hostel becomes a viable alternative.

Unlike CROUS residence halls, private organizations own and manage student hostels. Most of these organizations are non-profit or religious groups.

The cost of a student hostel is €500 every month in Paris. Outside the major city, the rent goes down to €250 per month.

However, getting a student hostel may not be easy for an ordinary foreign student. Priority is often given to working students, aged 18-25. But don’t get disheartened as it’s still possible even if you’re not a priority.

Private Apartments

If you can’t find a CROUS room or a student hostel, your next choice is private apartments. Real-estate companies and property owners offer these flats at varying rates.

You can stay in an apartment on your own. To save on rent and expenses, you can ask a friend or two to stay with you. Just make sure to find an apartment with enough bedrooms and communal areas.

Private apartments are among the most expensive accommodation options. The monthly rent in Paris costs €800. Anywhere else in France is 50% cheaper at only €400 per month.

Staying With a Host Family

Another affordable student accommodation option is homestays. Living with a host family can also bring other great benefits.

Some French families offer rent at a lower cost. In exchange, you may provide home assistance or language lessons. You may even be lucky to stay with a French family for free.

Staying with a host family also broadens your cultural knowledge. If you want to easily adjust to French life, this is a great option.

There are various student accommodation options in France to choose from. Make sure to select one that’s best for you. Read our stories here at MSM Unify to find more tips. 

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