The United States is a stellar destination for international students anywhere in the world. Education in the US awards learners with top-notch abilities and wisdom to equip them in the future.

The US government offers various types of programs to foreign students. Pursuing an academic degree (bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate) is often the popular choice among international students. But there are also short-term programs in the US that offer great academic and career benefits. 

Short-term programs last for only 12 months. If you want to experience world-class education, then you can try out these programs.

Here are short and simple descriptions to help you understand short-term programs in the US:

Internship Programs

Through internship programs, international students are permitted to enter the US and acquire relevant work experience and cultural growth. Participating in internships allows you to gain practical knowledge in your chosen field.

To apply for an internship program in the US, you must satisfy the eligibility criteria established by the Exchange Visitor Program of the country. 

Student Exchange Programs

Student exchange programs involve the academic exchange between two educational institutions. This gives non-US students the opportunity to travel to the country and study there for a short period. 

Student exchange programs are often prearranged partnerships between a US university and a foreign university. Depending on the terms stipulated in the program, you may have the US coursework credited to your academic records. 

You may also be given the option to choose which courses to take. This is different per university, so it’s best to check with your school’s office for overseas exchange programs. 

Certificate Education Programs

If you want to specialize in a specific industry, you can try short-term certificate education programs in the US. Many US universities offer certificate programs to foreign students under a variety of courses.

Certificate programs are specifically designed to help students build relevant skills in an area of study. For example, to enhance your skillset in computer science, you can take a cybersecurity or cloud computing program. 

Coursework, credit hours, tuition, and program length all vary from certificate programs. You’ll receive a certificate upon completing all the requirements of the program.

Check out our resources here at MSM Unify to find out which US universities offer certificate programs.

Scholarly Work

The US also offers programs that enable doctorate graduates to conduct research in the country. There are many US Universities that offer these opportunities, so you have many programs to try.

Apart from scholarly work, visiting fellows may also perform research using certain academic facilities. These short-term programs allow them to audit graduate courses as well. 

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before applying for a short-term program. These are the kind of visa you need to obtain, entry requirements, tuition, and source of funds. Adequate research about these requirements is necessary to successfully apply.

Short-term programs in the US are a great way to gain academic knowledge and practical skills. Check out our articles here at MSM Unify to learn more about the application process, requirements, and other information about short-term programs. 

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