With the college admissions season approaching, many senior high school students are eager to get into their top-choice university. Many of them strive to get accepted in the Ivy League and other prestigious universities throughout the U.S. But of course, it is no easy feat.

It is no secret that Ivy League schools choose only the best of the best of their applicants. Hence, students find it difficult to get into one of these schools. But, what should you do to be accepted at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or many others?

Even Valedictorians Get Rejected

Stanford University has a low admission rate of roughly 5%. It’s not unusual for a valedictorian to be turned down, yet it still comes as a shock to them and their parents.

In the United States, there are around 40,000 high schools. That is 40,000 valedictorians, in other words. With only eight Ivy League schools, the number of valedictorians exceeds the number of available places by more than three times. This means that these prestigious universities routinely reject applicants who appear to be “excellent on paper.” It’s nice to be valedictorian, but it’s not enough to guarantee admission to these top-tier universities.

Being a Well-Rounded Student isn’t Enough

Most students, in general, make an effort to show a sufficient level of expertise in all areas, as encouraged by many parents and counselors. But as a result, they are mediocre in most fields. In most situations, the well-rounded method backfires since the student appears average in all subjects and does not stand out in any of them to the admissions officers.

Universities such as Harvard aren’t average, so they wouldn’t accept average students as well.  

Focus on Your Field of Expertise 

Students should focus on their skills rather than trying to be well-rounded, as the majority of students accepted into top universities specialize in one or two fields.

Universities seek students who are committed to putting the grind in their chosen field until they successively stand out among their peers. “Pointy” students demonstrate that they have the direction, the passion and have laid the groundwork to do this, and that is why they are the preferred candidates for any university.

Colleges Prefer Well-Rounded Classes

Top universities seek specialists: people who are so passionate about one topic or field that they are willing to devote their full time and attention to it to achieve excellent outcomes.

The universities create a class that is well-rounded but made up of “pointy” pupils by selecting individuals with ambition, initiative, and demonstrated skills in several areas.

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