With an affordable cost of living, saving money in Malaysia might seem unnecessary. Foreign students can enjoy an excellent life free of financial woes and burdens.

But these uncertain times can lead to a cruel twist of fate. You may enjoy financial freedom one day, then struggle by the next. 

Having adequate savings can prevent this from happening. Whether you’re building an emergency fund or simply want extra cash, saving money can help. 

Practical Malaysian life may entice you to loosen your financial grip, but hold firm. Here are five ways you can do to save money while studying in Malaysia:

Pay Your Purchases With Cash

If you can strategize your credit card usage, then you may enjoy various perks and benefits. However, the lure of gaining credit points may push you into mindless spending.

Cash remains the best way to pay for your purchases. It’s easy to manage and see, and at least you can see it lessening every time you buy.

With credit, you won’t be too conscious of your shopping habits due to intangible transactions. If you’re going on a shopping trip, bring only the amount you need. This will help you stop impulse buying too.

Use Public Transportation

Public transportation in Malaysia is efficient and reliable. It’s also the more economical choice for traveling, especially for students.

In Kuala Lumpur, you can get a monthly transportation pass for only RM149. For that value, you get air-conditioned transport with free WiFi.

There’s also a free bus service in Kuala Lumpur called GoKL. You can use it to get to shopping malls and other places within the business district. 

Discover Free Recreational Activities To Try

Having fun without spending money sounds too good to be true. But in Malaysia, free fun activities are on every corner.

You can engage in guided walking tours to learn more about Malaysian history. You can also visit free and publicly open museums such as the Bank Negara Museum and Gallery.

If you prefer something more laidback like an afternoon picnic, stroll around botanical gardens in Kuala Lumpur. You can also enjoy fantastic Malaysian cuisine during your free time.

Be a Smart Shopper

Shopping wisely can save you plenty of money in the long run. You can weigh various options from merchandise in malls. Or better yet, shop at local markets so you can haggle for lower prices.

You can also look out for seasonal sales where prices drop to less than 80% of the retail value. Don’t forget to use your student discount card too.

Use University Resources As Study Materials

Many Malaysian universities offer abundant resources to their students. Every university has a library you can use to borrow books and other materials.

Instead of buying books or applying for a membership at a private library, using university resources is a better option. Part of your tuition goes to maintaining these resources, so better use them. 

Here at MSM Unify, we have abundant resources that can help you in your studies abroad. Check them out to learn more about being an international student.