New Zealand, a small nation (4.8 million people in 2021) located in the Pacific Ocean, has a lot to offer to its visitors, including international students. 

Whether you love extreme or outdoor activities including sports or relaxing activities including music, New Zealand has it all. 

Below are some of the recreational activities in New Zealand that you can enjoy as a student. 

Play Rugby, Football, and Other Sports

New Zealand may be known for its love of rugby, which is evident in its own Rugby League. It also has its own professional Rugby team, the Warriors, which competes in Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL).

Aside from Rugby, New Zealanders also love other sports such as football and futsal, the latter becoming increasingly popular with both men and women. When it comes to football, the country has two national teams, a men’s and a women’s team. Its men’s team even competed in the 2012 Olympics. 

Although those are the top sports popular in the country, other sports popular among the populace include the following: 

Moreover, sports in the country is also accessible, as shown in its many national sports organizations and gyms. 

Explore the Country’s Outdoors 

The country is also known for its picturesque landscape. In fact, nearly a third of the country’s land is protected by national parks. If you want to explore them, there are also many outdoor activities that you can do. 

One way you can explore New Zealand is by going camping in its many camping sites and national parks during summer. Did you know that it is also a popular pastime for many Kiwis? Many of the country’s campsites are even owned and maintained by the Department of Conservation. Depending on the campsite’s amenities and features, some of the activities you can do include trekking, hiking, cycling, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and even hunting. In the winter, you can try skiing. 

Learn About New Zealand’s Culture and Arts

If you are more into less active activities including watching films, theatre, listening to music or enjoying the arts, there are also plenty of places you can visit in New Zealand. 

New Zealand’s culture is unique, in that you will get to witness and experience modern New Zealand with Maori and Pacific influences. However, if you want to delve more into the Maori culture, you can experience them in some of the country’s events such as the Te Matatini National Festival, and Pasifika. 

If you want to explore the country’s art scene, aside from visiting its museums, you can also join various events celebrating the arts. For example,  Wellington and Auckland host international arts festivals such as the World of Wearable Arts festival, where innovation and creativeness in the textile are celebrated. 

If you are into music, you are in luck, as various rock and pop acts usually tour the country and perform from smaller-scale venues to huge stadiums. You can also enjoy big music events in the country, such as in the World of Music Arts and Dance festival, annually celebrated in New Plymouth. 

Aside from knowing famous recreational activities in New Zealand, learn more about the country by checking out all articles related to it. To start, check out MSM Unify’s article on An International Student’s Guide to the Kiwi Adventure.

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