When you go to study abroad, your top priority is to finish whatever study program you have chosen. However, it does not mean that you are just supposed to study all day and all night. To be able to make the most of your study abroad, you can also explore the many recreation activities in your host country. 

If you’re staying in Ireland, you are lucky, not only does it have beautiful cities, but the country is also known for its beautiful landscapes and seascapes.  Moreover, recreation activities in Ireland are wide-ranging, thanks to its student-friendly cities. 

Since most Irish higher education institutions are located in urban and suburban areas, you, as a student, are sure to find a lot of activities that can suit your needs and interests. 

Take Pictures of Its Famous Landmarks and Culture

If you’re into photography, there’s a lot of beautiful sites you can take pictures of while staying in Ireland. You can choose which pictures you can take, such as Ireland’s picturesque nature, its many historical monuments, and castles all over the country, and its rich and diverse culture, including its people, festivals, and celebrations.  

If you’re staying in Dublin, for example, some of the things worth taking pictures of are the following: 

In other parts of Ireland, there are also the following: 

Relax in Ireland’s Parks 

If you just want to relax for recreation, you can visit Ireland’s parks. In fact, wherever you are, you are sure to find one since each Irish county has its own park. You can do a lot of things in Ireland’s parks such as: 

Visit Ireland’s Famous Museums

If you want to learn more about Ireland’s history and culture, you can visit its museums which are spread across the country. In fact, Ireland is home to around 230 museums, including its national museums and regional museums. Moreover, aside from the arts, Ireland’s many museums have a lot of focus on the country’s history and culture, from its pre-history to its time as a British colony, to its current status now as a republic. Some of the interesting museums in Ireland are the following: 

Make Friends and Have Fun in Ireland’s Pub

Aside from its friendly people, the Irish are also known for their pub culture. If you want to unwind after a long week of studying, or if you just want to hang out or meet new friends, check out Ireland’s pubs. However, take note to only drink in moderation and with friends. Aside from being safe, it is also illegal in Ireland to be very drunk to the point of being a danger, not only to others but also to yourself. 

Aside from the list above, there are more recreation activities in Ireland you can do. If you want to learn more about the country, check out MSM Unify’s articles. To begin, read 3 Reasons to Study and Live in Ireland.