Choosing the place to stay while you are studying abroad is one of the most important decisions international students have to make. Not only because it is a necessity, but because it is also a factor in your study abroad experience. 

Accommodations in Malaysia, in general, are cheaper than other top study destinations in the world. In fact, its capital city, Kuala Lumpur, has been hailed as one of the most affordable cities for international students. 

Read below to learn more about student accommodations in Malaysia. 

Things to Consider 

Before you can decide where you want to stay, it would be wise to consider some factors first, such as the cost of the accommodation, its location, and its safety. 

For the cost, aside from the rent, you should also include in your monthly budget the bill for water, electricity. Fortunately, the cost of utilities in Malaysia is also relatively cheap. In fact, the basic cost for electricity, heating, water, only costs around $46.99 a month. For some accommodations, the rent already includes the monthly utility bills. 

When it comes to location and safety, the best ones are those near the school and other basic services such as the bank, police station, and the hospital. However, since those types of accommodations are usually within the city center, they also tend to be more expensive. 

Types of Accommodation

On-Campus Accommodation 

Malaysia’s on-campus accommodations usually consist of halls of residence or hostels. These types of accommodations are usually high in demand for both international and local students. That is why international students who want to stay in this type of accommodation should call their institution to ask and reserve a room as soon as they get their acceptance letter. 

Residence halls are usually a popular option for international students due to their location, which is usually at the center of a campus or usually a few minutes’ walk from the campus. Also, students have the choice to stay alone in a private room or share it with other students. 

Moreover, due to its location, international students are sure to experience campus life in Malaysia in full blast. 

Hostels are also a popular choice for international students. Also, living in one feels like living in a dormitory or a shared house, where students can share rooms and have a communal area. 

Rent for a single bedroom in an on-campus accommodation usually costs around $80 to $300 a month. Rent for a shared apartment, on the other hand, may cost around $80 to $200 per month.

Off-Campus Accommodation 

Off-campus accommodations are accommodations owned by private organizations or individuals. They can be landed housing, a flat, or a condominium. Moreover, each type of accommodation can be rented by an individual student, or shared by many students. Depending on the location, the type of accommodation, and the number of people sharing it, off-campus accommodations in Malaysia can sometimes be cheaper than on-campus accommodations. Below is a list of each accommodation’s price per month. 

Flat $100 to $700
Shared Flat$50 to $250
Condominium $150 to $2,500
Shared Condominium $100 to $800
Landed Property $200 to $800 

Other than the country’s types of accommodations, international students going to Malaysia should also have an idea of its cost of living. To learn more, check out MSM Unify’s article on How Much Does it Really Cost to Study in Malaysia.