France offers various study visas for students depending on how long they have to stay abroad. 

If you have been thinking of applying for a study visa in France, but are unsure which one to apply for, check out this quick guide to get a French study visa.

Qualifications to get a French Study Visa

To get a French study visa, you must qualify for the following conditions: 

Types of Visa for International Students

Schengen Area Student Visa 

This visa is typically issued for individuals who want to tour Europe’s Schengen areas, visit their families or go for business trips. However, it can also be used by international students who want to stay and study in France for up to 90 days. 

Temporary Long-Stay Student Visa

This type of visa is offered to students planning to study in France for three months up to six months maximum. 

Long-Stay Student Visa 

Also known as VLT-TS, this is a study visa that is equivalent to a residence permit for students who have to stay in France for more than six months. Most of the time, this visa is for students studying for a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. in France. 

Digitization of Visa Application 

Before you can apply for a French study visa, you need to have already passed your chosen institution’s application process. After getting your letter of acceptance, there are various ways you can apply for a study visa, and it will depend on your country. 

Option 1: Call Your Country’s French Embassy 

The first option you can do is to call your country’s French Embassy so they can assist you in your visa application. In most cases, if you have to go through your country’s French embassy, it means you have to set an appointment for when you can submit your requirements. The Visa application fee may differ, but the average cost is EUR 99.

Option 2: Through France-Visa

The 2nd option is to apply for a visa through the French government’s website, France-Visas.  

Since April 2021, the French government has decided to make things more digital. However, there are some countries where the online visa application is not yet being implemented. Those fortunate enough to avail of this service only need to follow these steps: 

  1. Complete their online visa application, and upload their documents online
  2. Submit their passport and completed form at the designated collection center
  3. Wait for the decision and check once in a while online
  4. Retrieve their passport once they pass their visa application 

Visa Documentation Requirements 

The following are the needed documents students should pass as part of their visa application online: 

Waiting for your French study visa would usually last three months. 

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