New Zealand upholds high standards among its workers. For many years, the country has been thriving on the positive culture perpetuated in workplaces.

New Zealand nationals value the ability to work and think independently. They also recognize the need for effective collaborations to accomplish tasks.

Despite the relatively small size of companies, employers maintain a certain standard during hiring seasons. With this in mind, it’s important to identify the qualities that New Zealand employers look for in international graduates.

Study and Work in New Zealand

Apart from your professional and educational qualifications, you must possess the following qualities to become more employable:


New Zealanders value independence but don’t dismiss the need for teamwork. Teams in companies are often small, making effective collaboration necessary.

Working with a team extends beyond work duties. You are expected to connect with your colleagues and build a healthy relationship.

Teamwork is highly encouraged in workplaces and getting to know your co-workers is an essential first step to achieve it.


Another quality that employers value the most is communication skills. Effective use of different communication methods, both written and verbal, are highly demanded in companies.

Having excellent communication skills allows you to share information with clarity and value. In addition, being a good communicator makes you very likeable among your team.

In New Zealand, everyone, regardless of their title or position, is treated the same. Knowing this can enable you to develop communication styles that everyone can appreciate.


To be considered fit by a New Zealand employer, you must demonstrate that you can work even without supervision. You have to practice how to work independently and manage your own duties at work.

Most companies also have few organizational layers. What this suggests is that it’s more likely for you to manage multiple tasks. You’ll definitely need self-management skills to handle these duties all at once.


Resilience is the ability to quickly recover from a challenging experience. In the workplace, resilience is tested in various situations.

An example is remaining even-tempered during conflicts between colleagues. Maintaining an open mind during disputes is important to employers.

A resilient employee is also defined in moments of losses and failures. During your employment, you’ll encounter hardships that would test your dedication and strength. You must be resilient enough to get back on track and make improvements.

Willingness to Learn

A new work environment and job role means learning new skills to meet your responsibilities. All the skills you’ve gained before employment are a plus, but you must maintain some room for growth.

Advancing your career means you must be willing to try new things. It also means that you need the right mindset to build more abilities and competencies.

Employers want applicants who are willing to expand their knowledge. To be more employable, you must show that you have a passion for personal and professional progress.

Apart from educational and professional qualifications, New Zealand employers also look for certain qualities in applicants. Read more of our stories here at MSM Unify to get more ideas about working in New Zealand.

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