Many students feel excited after getting accepted into their institution of choice. However, after the excitement subsides, the nervousness and confusion often come in. Nervous because of the uncertainty they will soon face, and confused about what they should do next. 

To help students, check out these pre-departure tips for international students going to the UK. 


The first thing you should arrange is your accommodation abroad. Most universities in the UK guarantee full-time first-year students or postgraduate international students a place in their on-campus residences or halls of residence. However, the conditions may vary between institutions. 

Moreover, halls of residence offer the most convenient and affordable place for students, making them popular and high in demand. Thus, it would be wise to communicate with your institution as soon as you get your acceptance letter, so you’d be able to reserve a place to stay. 

Obtaining Your Study Visa

After getting accepted at an institution and arranging your accommodation, the next thing to do is obtain your study visa. You can usually get a decision on your visa, three weeks after you applied for it. However, the earliest you can apply for one is six months before you begin your course. A student visa application may cost around £348. Moreover, the requirement for getting one include the following: 

Quick Guide to Packing

When packing for the UK, do not forget to bring the following documents: 

Aside from the needed documents, some of the stuff you need during your whole stay in the UK include the following: 

Health Check-Up

Before your flight abroad, make sure to undergo all kinds of check-ups in your home country. This includes full-body check-ups, going to the dentist, getting an immunization, and so on. Healthcare is expensive in the UK, and doing all those check-ups before your flight abroad can help you save more money while there. 


Before you go abroad make sure you have the proper types of insurance to make your stay there smoother. The types of insurance you should have are travel and medical insurance. There are travel insurances that you can use to cover your flight delays, loss of belongings, and medical emergencies abroad for one year. However, for students who will be staying in the UK for more than a year, it would be useful to apply for medical insurance that they can use while in the UK. 


When traveling abroad, even if you have your own credit card, you should still bring money, and in British currency.

This will ensure that upon your arrival in the UK, you would have enough money to cover some immediate needs, such as custom fees and some emergency expenses. 

Learn more pre-departure tips for international students when traveling abroad. Check out MSM Unify’s article on What To Pack in Your Luggage When Studying Abroad to get a comprehensive guide on packing. 

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