The United States is a gold mine of opportunities for international students. It’s no wonder that thousands of foreign students each year aspire to get a spot in this great land. 

If you’re among the lucky candidates, your US experience can be a spectrum of emotions. There’s elation, but there’s also a constant feeling of fright. But if you’re equipped with the knowledge, your journey will be nothing short of an adventure.

For first-time international students, knowledge is an armor they must wear early on. From adequate research to application, information grants them the power to have a great study journey.

If you happen to be a first-time international student, don’t fret. We have this practical guide for you when studying in the US:

Keep Your Lines Open For Announcements

Universities often send announcements through emails and website posts. Make sure that your communication lines are active to receive updates.

Remember to also follow your university on their social media channels. Do this so you won’t miss out on on-campus events, class changes, and other student updates.

Attend Your Pre-Departure Orientation

Pre-departure orientations are designed to keep you on track of study matters. From here, you’ll learn general details about what to do upon arrival in the US. Moreover, it also covers discussions on basic requirements such as finding accommodation.

You’ll also get educational benefits in pre-departure orientations. By listening to talks, you’ll get to know more about the US culture and customs. You’ll also learn tips on how to adapt to the US environment.

Stay in Contact With Student Support Services

It is essential to stay in contact with student support services in the US. Some of these services may include anti-discrimination organizations and counseling for mental health protection.

Apply For Scholarships Early

The US is among the most expensive study destinations in the world. But you can apply for scholarships to help shoulder the costs. 

Take note that scholarship applications are competitive. If you want to secure one, applying to multiple scholarships early is a wise move.

Choose an Accommodation Prior to Your Departure

Thousands of international students flock to the US each year. With such a large number of students, accommodation options always run short.

Once you’ve secured a spot in a US university, you must immediately search for a lodging option. Note that you may have to send a deposit to secure the place.

Make A Lasting Impression on Your First Day

As a first-time international student, you must project a positive image early on. This makes you more approachable, allowing you to make friends easily.

Make sure to make your first-day count. Introduce yourself with confidence to other students on campus.


The only mistake you can make as a first-time international student is not enjoying your time in the US. Take a break and travel across US cities when you have time. Remember that exploring is part of your education in the US. Don’t miss it!

Here at MSM Unify, we offer plenty of resources to ensure that your first time as an international student is a memorable one. Don’t forget to flip through Unify stories to get you on board with the latest updates on international education.

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