An Office Administration course can benefit anyone who wants to get an entry-level job in any business to attain a supervisory or managerial position eventually. 

A diploma program is comprehensive enough to prepare students to manage organizational and administrative responsibilities in an office setting effectively. They will learn to communicate effectively and collaborate in a business environment, and use information technologies to engage in effective decision-making.

The subjects covered in an Office Administration course will vary, depending on the learning objectives. A student may want to:

What Are the Subjects Covered in an Office Administration Course?

Should these learning objectives sound about right, then the following subjects are essential for an Office Administration course.

A practicum would also be an important part of an Office Administration course. It will provide students with opportunities to apply theory to practice and gain valuable real-world, work-related experience. 


The subjects covered in the Office Administration course described above are comprehensive. They are all one needs to know for effective office administration in most business settings. If you are planning on taking up this course, make sure that the program you choose will provide you with all of these subjects.

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