Want to transform your smartphone into the ultimate travel and study companion? 

Studying in Germany is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  And if you want to make the most out of your stay, certain apps can help you out.

Packing your phone with the right set of apps can help you focus on the right things. You can get an app that can help you with German transportation or German slang. You can also get apps that make studying easier.

Whatever their purpose is, these apps are here to serve as your companion. Build a fantastic virtual buddy with these must-have apps for students in Germany:

Der Tagesspiegel App

The Der Tagesspiegel app can be your go-to newspaper app to discover relevant news. It’s a fantastic way to stay in the know of current events in Germany.

Since this is a German newspaper app, this can also help bolster your German skills. If you feel less confident about your German reading skills, this is a great practice. It will be hard at first but will eventually get better if you put in the effort.

DB Navigator

Planning to travel frequently? If you want to travel around Germany often, this app is an absolute must-have.

The DB Navigator app gives you real-time information on the arrival times of trains and coaches. You can use the app to book tickets on trains, trams, and subways. You can even get coach sequence information using this app.

N26 Mobile Bank

Number 26 or N26 might be the mobile banking service you’re looking for. You can use the app to track your expenses and save extra money. 

Voted as the top-performing bank by a Forbes survey in 2021, you’ll find great services with N26. There are no withdrawal fees for euros and you can also enjoy free payments regardless of the currency.


Still, struggling with your German language skills? Duolingo got you covered? This popular language app is a fantastic tool to fine-tune your skills.

You can use the app to learn basic phrases and take mini-tests. It can help you develop better daily language skills with frequent use.

Google Maps

Need to discover the route to reach your destination? Google Maps is the perfect app for you!

This app gives you real-time navigation plus other useful features. Through this app, you’ll see panoramic views of streets plus traffic information. It also gives you an estimated travel time whether you are walking, in a car, or on a bike.

Google Drive

If you need a reliable app to store important files, just download Google Drive. This app works well across a wide range of devices. It will work on smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers.

The best part about using this app is not having to worry about storage. This cloud storage solution streamlines everything including work collaboration.

Mobile apps help make the lives of international students better while they’re in Germany. For your next essential read, flip through our blog on taking part-time jobs in Germany here at MSM Unify.