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Looking for a study program and a study destination can be stressful. Especially if you plan on getting into a university overseas and you still do not know where to study. We’ve gathered the most popular undergraduate and postgraduate courses in New Zealand, which coincidentally are all in the Sciences. Here’s a list of them to help you choose what’s right for you:

Postgraduate Courses

  1. Nursing

Considered as one of the most popular courses for international students, nursing is also equally attractive in New Zealand. Nursing is a profession for students who plan to travel with work or permanently reside in New Zealand. This course is under the skilled migrant category, which means that nurses who have met the set requirements can stay in the country indefinitely. If you want to stay in New Zealand, a nursing degree would be the opportunity for you to live in the country.

  1. Medicine

Medicine degree holders receive a large amount of salary. A general practitioner can have an average payout of NZD 95,000 and can potentially increase depending on the seniority. Consultants, on the other hand, can earn between NZD 200,000 to NZD 300,000 annually.

A medicine degree from any New Zealand university is recognized worldwide. Top universities offering medicine include The University of Auckland and the University of Otago, as per the Times Higher Education 2020.

  1. Biology

With its eco-friendly ethos, diverse wildlife, and unique natural environment, New Zealand is with no doubt the perfect country to study biology. New Zealand universities offer specialization in marine biology, conservation, fisheries science, and a lot more. The country is known for its clean and green surroundings, and takes care of the biodiversity that greatly helps students to be immersed well in their study. 

  1. Environmental sciences

Like biology, environmental science is also a famous degree program in New Zealand. Being an environmentally conscious nation surrounded by mountain ranges, plains, lakes, and native plants, there are a lot of things to study in New Zealand for future environmentalists.

Postgraduate Courses

  1. Medicine

Studying medicine as a postgraduate degree most likely means that you have studied a related course in your undergraduate degree, and you are now studying to become a doctor. Top medicine and other related disciplines institutions include:

It would also give you the chance to apply for a resident status visa after applying for a temporary visa of up to 30 months. Medicine, along with nursing, is currently on the country’s skills shortage list. It enables overseas doctors to work and live in New Zealand for good.

  1. Psychology

A postgraduate degree in psychology in New Zealand can take two to three years to complete. This program normally enables a student to gain experience in social work, psychotherapy, and counseling. The top institutions for psychology in New Zealand are:

The University of Auckland ranked as the top psychology university in the country while the University of Otago placed second.

Salaries vary, but a trainee psychologist’s salary ranges from NZD 51,000 to NZD 56,000 per year. Meanwhile, senior psychologists can earn from NZD 94,000 to NZD 116,000 yearly.

With the wide variety of courses to choose from, we hope that we gave you an insight as to what to study when you choose New Zealand as your study destination.

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