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The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test designed to measure and evaluate the academic preparedness of a student in a graduate program. In most colleges and universities in the United States, taking a GRE is required for admission into a master’s or doctorate degree program. 

GRE requirements vary from university and program. For some programs at the master’s degree level, prospective graduate students must achieve a minimum score. For other programs, taking the GRE is enough.

Taking the GRE can be a dreadful, even terrifying experience when you’re pressured by the need to obtain a specific score. Fortunately, not all master’s degree programs require the GRE; we’ve collected some of these programs for you to consider. 

Areas of Study That Don’t Usually Require GRE 

While it’s fantastic news to hear that some programs don’t require the GRE, you have to remember that these conditions are not absolute for every case.

For example, a university or program may only waive the GRE if you can meet certain educational and professional requirements. Or, a program or university may not require the GRE, but if you fail to satisfy the set qualifications, you may still be compelled to take it.

There are certain areas of study that don’t often require the GRE. If your educational goals are aligned with any of the fields below, then there’s a great chance that you may not have to take the GRE:

Master’s Degree Programs in the US That Don’t Require GRE

Here are some master’s degree programs that don’t require the GRE. These programs can be taken at school or online:

ProgramCollege / University
Masters of Business AdministrationPurdue University
Masters of Human Resource Management Ashford University
Master of Science in Social WorkCapella University
Master of Fine ArtsPennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Master of Science in EducationWalden University
Masters of CybersecurityRoger Williams University
Masters in TaxationVillanova University
Masters of Public HealthCalifornia Baptist University

Traditional Master’s Degree Programs That Don’t Require GRE

The list below shows some traditional master’s degree programs that you could apply for without a GRE. If you want to learn more about these programs, universities and colleges that offer, you can refer to our articles at MSM Unify

Online Master’s Degree Programs That Don’t Require GRE

The following universities in the US offer different online master’s degree program without a GRE:

ProgramsCollege / University
EducationPsychologyNursingHealth AdministrationNorthcentral University
Public AdministrationUniversity of Miami
Food MarketingBusiness IntelligenceCriminal JusticeSaint Joseph’s University
Art Education Criminal JusticeBoston University
HealthcareTech and EngineeringCommunicationGrand Canyon University
Educational LeadershipNursing West Texas A&M University 
Organizational LeadershipGonzaga University
AccountingBusinessCyber SecurityMaryville University

GREs can be a stressful experience for prospective graduate students. Fortunately, there are plenty of program options that don’t require this test. If you want to learn more about master’s degree program requirements that are aligned with your field, look through our articles here at MSM Unify.

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