Moving to Germany for your studies can create a feeling of longing. Once you settle in your new place, your heart will yearn for the friends you have back home.

Starting anew with friendships can be an intimidating experience. It’s even more daunting in a place where you’re a foreigner in an unfamiliar place.

To make friends in Germany as an international student, you have to get out of your comfort zone. You have to put yourself out there and let fate take its natural course.

Making friends is not an easy task. To help you out, here’s a short guide on how to make friends in Germany as an international student:

Join a Campus Club

There are many benefits to joining campus clubs as an international student. One of which is meeting new people who share the same interests as you. It’s a great start to building new friendships during your study journey.

Attend On-Campus Events

Make a calendar of upcoming on-campus events. These are perfect times to meet other students you can jive with. In this case, it might be better to choose on-campus accommodation to attend these events.

Visit a Place Frequently

Find a cafe you like? Try going back to that place as frequently as possible. Chances are, you’ll become a familiar face that people start warming up to you. It’s a lot easier to make friends when people already see you a lot.

Connect With Social Media Groups

Get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social apps. These platforms are a great way to find online friends you can share stories with.  You can also filter your settings to find people near your area. Just be careful if you plan to meet in person!

Take a German Course

Enroll in a German course so you can build your German skills and find friends at the same time. It’s more likely that you’ll find an international student there too. Learning the German language together can be a start to a lifelong friendship.

Take a Part-Time Job

Having a part-time job introduces you to many people, whether they’re your co-workers or customers. But do remember to keep key things in mind before taking a part-time job in Germany. Take note of your allowed total hours and the kinds of jobs you can take.

Find Roommates

It’s common for roommates to become friends later on. You can be strangers at the start of the school year, then inseparable buddies in the end. If you choose to rent an apartment in Germany, share the space with a roommate you can befriend.

Become a Volunteer

Like part-time jobs, volunteering also introduces you to a network of people. The experience is also a great bonus you can add to your CV. Becoming a volunteer also shapes your confidence, allowing you to meet more people.

To make friends in Germany as an international student, pair these ways with a lot of confidence and courage. Read more stories here at MSM Unify to dive into student life in Germany.