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A lot of international students have the misconception that on-campus accommodation is more expensive than living off campus. But that’s not entirely true.

In fact, there are several benefits that living on campus can offer you that will help you save time, money, energy, and give you room for personal growth and learning.

Saves You Time by Reducing Travel

Imagine how convenient it would be to wake up each morning without having to worry about being late. Or the singular joy of arriving early to class because you didn’t have to spend a long time waiting for the bus or finding parking space.

Instead of spending long hours in the middle of traffic to get to school and come home, you can opt to use that time to relax or study by living on campus.

Even better if your campus and other facilities are only a few walking distances away, because that way you can help reduce your carbon footprint (no matter how little it is), and it’s even a good way to exercise as well as meet and interact with other students along the way.

Saves You More Money in the Long Run

On-campus accommodation often comes with meal plans plus other amenities, facilities, and utilities that you can use as part of your rent payment.

If you have on-campus accommodation with a meal plan, you don’t have to spend extra money on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You wouldn’t even have to spend more time and energy preparing your own meals since your meals are already cooked and prepared.

Other accommodations also offer access to Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and laundry. With those utilities, you neither have to subscribe to a monthly internet service nor spend more money to pay for additional utility bills.

It may not be a lot at first, but the savings pile up each day, until you can see a significant change in the long term.

Ensures Safety and Security

Since on-campus accommodation is often provided by the institution, your school is also responsible for the safety and security of their students.

No college or university would risk its students by having poor building plans or not having enough security personnel and surveillance to guard the area. It is part of its duties and responsibilities to ensure that all students are away from danger when they’re inside campus grounds.

Expands Your Social Circle

Having a great social experience is just as important in shaping your life as your academics. Being involved in social activities allows you to develop important life skills like empathy, patience, and balance.

Social activities are not barriers to your education. In fact, making friends and hanging out during campus-sponsored events will expand your interests.

The friends you meet along your academic journey are just as special as the degree you’ll earn. Living on campus will help you expand your social circle, while giving you the chance to engage in activities that may give you life-changing learnings.

Helps Improve Your Academic Progress

Since you’re able to save time and meet more friends while living on campus, you also have more time to devote to studying.

While it’s true that academic progress can be measured in grades, that isn’t the sole metric. Your academic progress can mean being involved in more extra-curricular activities or joining a new club at uni.

With more time, more friends, and even more money in your hands, you have a lot of space for your academic efforts to grow. You’ll have more time to study, and you’ll also have friends who will support you in your dreams, just like how you’ll support them.

On-campus accommodation can give you many benefits as an international student. Stay updated with helpful resources for international students here on MSM Unify.

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