Switzerland’s history in its quality education dates way back from the 1460s, explaining the excellent quality of the Swiss educational system. Not only this, you are ensured to enjoy a laid-back learning experience since the country is home to beautiful and natural sceneries.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to study in this amazing country, you’ll have many chances to explore and learn about your interests as well as the country itself.


Switzerland has so much to offer with its geographical features and tourism, giving you plenty of things to do outside your academic life. Numerous turquoise lakes can be found throughout Switzerland, which is often crowded with young students during summer festivals.

The country’s charm can be found in historic settlements and the lofty Alps peaks. There are medieval neighborhoods in its cities from the wooden chapel bridge of Lucerne to Bern’s Zytglogge clock tower. Lastly, the country’s ski resorts and hiking trails are well-known around the world.

Quality of life

Switzerland is home to one of the world’s happiest and healthiest populations. It has a well-deserved reputation, as the country has some of the best-ranked cities in terms of quality of life. According to studies, this is attributed not only to the Swiss government’s quality health care but also to the Swiss’ high priority of living and desire to live a healthy, active lifestyle.


The world-class education you will receive if you have the opportunity to study in Switzerland reflects the country’s learning and innovation culture.

International students make up over a quarter of the student population in Switzerland. Because of this, they will be able to meet other international students and form a group of people who will assist them in expanding their social and professional networks.

Campus Life

You’ll find a wide variety of clubs and campus facilities that can help you participate in extracurricular activities. Advisors, who are typically associated with the subject of study or faculty, are often available to assist with academic and future work problems in Switzerland.

A career office is always accessible to assist students in shaping their career pathways or finding part-time work while they are enrolled in classes.

Adapting to a new culture can be difficult for everyone. Thankfully, the Swiss government has considered this as well. Some colleges offer psychological assistance or intermediate support services that connect students to off-campus counselors if they need to consult specialists about personal issues.


Many universities accommodate your and your family’s needs, particularly in terms of child care. On-campus daycare centers and kindergarten classes are available at many institutions. Part-time studies are also common, and in some situations, parents can seek financial aid or request a break from their studies to care for a kid.

Every campus has university advisors who will offer you access to various options to help you get the most out of these perks.

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