France is one of the most promising study destinations for international students. It offers an unrivaled quality of life embraced in a rich and fascinating culture.

However, one thing that may stop you from enjoying your stay is language barriers. Pulling out a few English phrases from your sleeves can help you out. But if you truly want to connect with the locals, you must be fluent in French.

French seems like a sophisticated yet complex language due to accents and stresses. But in truth, it’s among the easiest European languages to master. 

If you want to improve your French (and impress your friends back at home), you can start with small steps. Here are some simple yet effective ways to learn French while you’re in France:

Engage With the Locals

No one else knows French better than French locals. Simple interactions like placing an order at restaurants can help build everyday vocabulary. 

If initiating a random conversation isn’t your thing, you can also arrange a meet-up. You can use apps such as Meetup or Facebook to find people who share similar interests with you. Then you can schedule an event where all of you can meet and have fun.

Buy French Language Textbooks

To be well-versed in the formal speech of the French language, textbooks are the best solution. A comprehensive textbook usually includes quick French phrases and exercises. You can grab a textbook and accomplish a lesson as part of your daily routine.

Pay Close Attention to Visual Cues

Actions speak louder than words, and to learn French, you may have to look rather than listen. When your French-speaking friends are conversing, observe their gestures and expressions. Also, take mental notes of the slight shifts in their tones and phrasing.

Use Grammar Checking Tools

Grammar checking tools can help illuminate grammar mistakes in your French writings. You can use these to make your sentences more coherent and concise. 

But don’t fully depend on these tools to learn French. These are only quick solutions to fill the gaps as you learn.

Get a Partner To Check Your Pronunciation

Proper articulation is important to convey meaning in French. You must be aware of the subtle differences in the way words are pronounced. 

To help you out, you can find a friend to practice with. Just make sure that your friend is fluent in French to guide you effectively. 

Listen to French Podcasts

If you want a more laid-back way to practice, playing podcasts is a great option. Listening to French podcasts is a great method especially if you’re an auditory learner.

Enrol in a Short French Language Course

Serious about becoming fluent in French? If so, then it’s best to invest time and money into a French language course. 

Through this, you can find your own mentor who can give one-on-one French lessons. You can also opt to learn online if you want to fit the lessons into a busy schedule.

Learning French is easy as long as you can devote time and effort to improve. If you have plans to study in France, you can read our stories here at MSM Unify to know more language-learning tips.