A social service worker wears many hats, but it would not be wrong to say that the main significant task of a social service worker is to make what is broken whole again. It might be a family dealing with domestic violence or homelessness, a client suffering from substance abuse disorder, or a patient dealing with mental health issues.

These are all complex problems, and social workers are not equipped to deal with all of that without support. However, they are the frontliners in dealing with these issues, and are often the familiar faces that clients and patients turn to for comfort and help. 

Social workers help clients cope with problems and improve their lives. It may be through teaching coping mechanisms and skills to improve self-development, or referring them to the right agencies and professionals for expert help. They have to liaise with different agencies in order to do their job. Knowing which one is most likely to help the client, and when to combine them, is the result of extensive training and knowledge of an effective social worker.

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What are their skills?

Social workers need to have a collection of skills to address the problems they face with different clients. It is not enough for social workers to be kind, they also need to know how to manage cases in the best interests of their clients. As a result, a social worker has to go through comprehensive training that often results in a diploma or degree in social work to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. These include: 


These skills do not come easily. Social workers often require a lot of study, instruction, and hands-on experience to obtain these skills before going out into the field. A kind and compassionate nature is a start, but it is not enough. 

It takes a good foundation in many fields of study such as communication, psychology, psychiatry, physiology, and biology to successfully carry out the significant task of a social service worker of making what is broken whole again.

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