Saving money is a serious ordeal for many international students. While the lure of a fun, exciting life awaits abroad, practicality is still a top priority.

With Germany’s free higher education, it seems as if money won’t be too much of a worry. But, the truth is, financial troubles loom in every corner. Fall into its tiny cracks and you may find yourself at the pit of insurmountable debts.

Fortunately, saving money is easy in Germany, as long as you’re dedicated. On top of that, you must make smart decisions about your expenses.

Here are some tips to save money while in Germany:

Opt for Cheaper Transportation Options

Transportation is dense in Germany, making it easy to find one that suits your needs. However, some transportation options may be a bit more expensive than others.

Consider getting your bike or opt to take the bus for daily travels. If you want to learn more, check out our blog on transportation tips in Germany.

Reduce Lifestyle Expenses

Do you really need that gym membership? Are weekly trips to the local salon necessary? Are you still getting your money’s worth in that magazine subscription? 

We’re not saying you should cut off things that make your life a lot better. But there are certain expenses you must let go of, especially when there are cheaper options.

For example, instead of getting a gym membership, use your school’s gym instead. You can also switch the frequency of your pamper days to save on grooming services. 

Use Your Student Discount Card

Do you know what’s the best part about being a student in Germany? Using your student status to get exclusive discounts on countless merchandise and services!

Once you enter a store, don’t be shy about asking if they offer student discounts. You can also present your ISIC to get more offers.  Read our blog on how to get an ISIC to unlock these benefits.

Buy Your Own Groceries

Buying and stocking up your groceries saves you more money than dining out or buying meals. There are plenty of giant supermarkets in Germany. You can check out Netto, Lidl, and Aldi.

Most of these supermarkets also offer special weekly discounts. Look out for big seasonal sales too.

Lower Your Mobile Phone Bills

Having a mobile phone is necessary to make calls and send texts in Germany. You have two major options for mobile services: postpaid and prepaid.

Choose a mobile service package that offers services that fit your lifestyle. It’s best to select one that offers cheap overseas calls and mobile browsing.

Track Your Bank Transactions

Monitoring your bank transactions gives you insights into your saving and spending habits. It also gives you an idea of how much money you’re spending on bank fees alone.

Through this, you can plan out your banking transaction schedule. You can also subscribe to mobile banking services for more convenience. 

Saving money is essential for international students in Germany. Discover what else Germany has to offer through our stories here at MSM Unify.

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