Preparing for and taking an exam is not free. May it be an ACT, SAT, or AP exam, it will cost you some money. It is important to know how to budget your money to avoid spending more than you need to. There are things that you can do to avoid spending all your budget on test prep. This article will give you some tips on how to save money for the actual tests.

How much do these tests cost?

The SAT costs $52; $68 if with an essay. Additional fees may be required depending on your registration and other test preferences. The registration fee for the SAT Subject Test is $26, covering one date and up to three Subject Tests.

The ACT will cost you $55 without writing; $70 with writing. Additional services may cost you some charges. Lastly, an AP exam costs $95 if taken in the US; $125 if outside the US.

With that in mind, here are different ways you can save money on test prep:

Register on time

When you register on time, it can save you money by avoiding paying additional charges for late fees. This is simply one of the best ways you can save money on your tests. If you miss the deadline, why not register for the next one instead?

Do not change your test date or test location

Requesting for your test date or location to be changed will cost you extra charges. Make sure that you prepare early to prevent committing mistakes.

Look into fee waivers

There are fee waivers available for specific exams. For SAT, fee waivers are provided for particular students, such as those qualified for the National School Lunch Program; whose family’s income meets the set guidelines; enrolled in income programs; the family receives public assistance; and other criteria.

On the other hand, for ACT, you may need to ask your high school counselor for a fee waiver.

For the AP exam, fee reductions are offered if you have shown financial need.

Take fewer tests

For some, it is advised to take more tests. But if you don’t have enough finances, one is enough. You don’t need to take all the tests. The AP exam can be used for credit, but you can just choose fewer SAT or ACT exams. If one test score already makes you happy, then you don’t want to retake the exam or take the other exam.

Look for a free tutor

Tutors are usually costly, but you will get your money’s worth. However, since you want to save money on test prep, you don’t want to hire one. Instead, you can look into your school’s programs that can be beneficial for your SAT, ACT, or AP prep.

There are also affordable and free resources online that you can use. Use this to your advantage. Set up the tools and schedule your time to prepare for the test.

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