Most students take both the SAT and ACT to have more options on what score to submit and most colleges bound students to sit for either test more than once. But do you know which score you should submit to your prospective college?

This mainly depends on the school and its test score policy. Some colleges may consider all test results from all dates, others accept the one with the highest overall score, while some take a composite of the scores from the highest section from all tests. Few schools take these test scores as only optional.

Learning the scoring policies set by your chosen school will help you choose what test score to submit between the SAT and ACT.


Superscore or super composite best reflect your test result. Many schools may require you to list your score and test date of your best individual score such as your best ACT English, best Reading, best Math, and best Science scores. Then, your superscore will be calculated based on these. You do not need to worry if some of your scores will rise or fall when you repeat an exam because superscore reflects your best test outcome.

Many colleges may superscore across your test dates while others may superscore across the dates you chose to submit your score.

How to Calculate Superscore

Which Schools Superscore Which

Most colleges consider SAT and ACT superscores. It is best to check a college’s score policy for you to have the best application strategy. Some colleges may advise you to submit all of your test scores for them to check if you qualify for other opportunities such as scholarships, honors college admission, or bridge programs.

Moreover, score strategies are there to help you in deciding which one to submit as your test score. The SAT’s College Board uses a reporting tool that decides which scores they will send to schools will appear based on the test date. It can be customized, for example, you can discard the lowest test score from your report if your college does not require you to send all scores.

For the ACT, starting last September 2020, ACT superscore every student’s tests. With this change, a student can take a single test again instead of retaking the entire test. ACT uses the student’s best individual section scores from past tests as the student’s ACT score.

Apart from deciding on which school you’d like to study, there are more decisions to make such as which test score to submit. Be smart as this may be crucial to getting you in your chosen school.

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