International education is a hefty investment. But the promise of high-paying jobs can make it worth the financial risk.

In the United States, graduate degrees often lead to lucrative careers. This compels many students to pursue a master’s degree after earning their bachelor’s.

Fortunately, you won’t have to take a giant leap to secure a high-paying job. In this list, a bachelor’s degree would suffice for a top-level position. 

If you want a six-figure salary for your nine-to-five grind, here are some high-paying jobs in the US:

Marketing Manager

A  marketing manager’s role is to drive sales through advertising initiatives. They usually spearhead the planning for marketing strategies, both long term, and short term.

Apart from these roles, a marketing manager also tracks changes in marketing trends. They then use their findings to re-align their marketing goals with market demands.

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS, a marketing manager’s median salary is $141,490 annually. On another bright note, aspiring marketing managers can expect a positive job outlook. According to BLS, the demand for marketing managers in the US will increase by 6% by 2029.

Sales Manager

The role of a sales manager is pretty straightforward. They facilitate product distribution from the company to its consumers.

But the job can be a bit tricky since a sales manager can also assume managerial roles. For example, a sales manager may be responsible for training sales representatives.

Fortunately, these efforts don’t go unrewarded. According to BLS, the average salary of a sales manager is $132,290 in 2020. 

Financial Manager

If you’re into finance and budgeting, then we have great news for you. You can assume a role as financial manager and enjoy lucrative wages each year. 

As a financial manager, your role is to create financial projections for your company. These include matters such as investments, insurance, and expenses. 

The increase of demand for financial managers is also a staggering number. From 2019 to 2029, the demand would increase by 15%. This means more aspirants have the chance to enjoy up to $134,180 of annual salary.

Compensation and Benefits Manager

Navigating the salary structure of a company is a complex and crucial role. If you’re a compensation and benefits manager, this would be a part of your daily duties.

Your major roles largely depend on the company you’ll work for. In some cases, you may only specialize on either salary or benefits, sometimes both.

This kind of job demands acuity in salary and benefit rights for employees in the US. With that, expect an average annual income of up to $125,130.

Natural Sciences Manager

Getting off of business-oriented jobs, you can also work as a natural sciences manager. If you want a job where you can jump between office and laboratory work, this one’s for you.

A natural sciences manager oversees or directs scientists in their works. Scientists being physicists, chemists, etc. With a crucial job like this, expect a pay of up to $137,940 every year.

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