One of the opportunities that students experience while studying in Australia is the chance to work part-time. Not only are international students’ rights as workers protected, but they get useful work and life experience they can use during their whole stay in the country, or even after they graduate.

working part time in australia guide

What You Should Know About Working in Australia

International students with a student visa are eligible to do part-time work in Australia. 

As part of protecting their rights, international students are only allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during the semester, and unlimited hours during holiday breaks. Postgraduate research students, on the other hand, can work unlimited hours even during their institution’s semester. 

International students are also protected by the same worker’s rights as Australian citizens. Thus, they are eligible for the same minimum wage per hour, and can easily get assistance both from Australia’s Fair Work Ombudsman, and their educational institution if they need advice or if their work rights are violated. Moreover, students should get a payslip showing their salary and tax, within one day of getting paid. 

Apply for a TFN

The first thing to do after settling down in Australia, and finishing all prior arrangements in your educational institution is to apply for a Tax File Number (TFN). After getting hired, your boss would usually ask you to fill out a tax file number declaration so you can provide your TFN. A TFN will ensure that you get paid and you pay the right amount of tax to the government.  

International students are required to have a valid passport, a valid student visa, and other relevant travel documents to apply for a TFN online, else, they are not eligible for it. 

Before getting their own TFN, international students may have to wait for up to 28 days after submitting their application online. 

Apply for a Bank Account

Although a bank account is not a requirement to get a job, it is more convenient to open one for access to your salary, which can be coursed through your bank account. Applying for one can be done as soon as you get your TFN. You only need to pass the following requirements:

  1. Passport 
  2. Letter of offer 
  3. Other forms of identification (driver’s license, student ID)
  4. Proof of address
  5. Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (eCOE)
  6. TFN 

For better transactions, students should apply in a bank that is near their accommodation to avoid inconvenience, especially during urgent bank issues. 

Look for a Job

After your preparation to be eligible for a job, and knowing your rights as a working student, it is now time to look for one. Students can look for jobs in various ways, through their networks and friends, online job posts, professional recruiting companies, and even their institution’s career center or department. 

Various industries in Australia provide part-time jobs for international students, such as retail, hospitality, services, administration or clerical work, tutoring, and farming and fruit picking. 

Australia has always been a top destination for international students worldwide. To learn the reasons why Australia is popular, check MSM Unify’s article on this topic.

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