After getting accepted into a Russian educational institution, the next thing you should do is to look for student accommodations in Russia. 

Tips on Looking for Accommodation 

Here are some tips to help you get started on looking for accommodation in Russia.

Ask for assistance 

Looking for accommodation is usually the responsibility of the student unless their study program specifies they’ll provide them with a place to stay. That is why students should look for accommodation as soon as they get their acceptance letter from a Russian institution. Most international students, always go first to their institution to inquire about on-campus accommodations.

For those looking for off-campus accommodation, they can still ask their institution for help and assistance. The kind of support students can get from their institutions include the following: 

Ask these questions

Before deciding on your accommodation, make sure to ask these key questions first: 

Types of Accommodation in Russia 

Russia offers a variety of accommodation options to international students. Below are the types of accommodation in Russia.

Russian Dormitories

The most common and affordable type of accommodation for international students in Russia is dormitories. 

In most cases, international students are provided by their universities with a place in their dormitories. Dormitories are usually located inside the campus, or a few minutes away from the campus. Moreover, rooms in dormitories are usually shared by two to four students, with communal areas, such as a shared kitchen, canteen, bathroom, laundromat, lock rooms, and so on. The cost of staying at a dormitory in Russia may vary but generally costs as low as 500 to 5,000 roubles a month. 

Private Apartments

For institutions that don’t offer student dormitories, students can rent a private apartment instead. Rental apartments are usually more expensive, especially those in Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, if shared with other people, the cost might be lower. 

Moreover, private apartments are a good option for students who don’t want to be restricted by the rules and curfews inside the dormitories. 


Another accommodation option for international students is homestays. For homestays, it is much better for those staying in Russia for a few weeks to a few months. However, stories of students staying with their homestay families for much longer are not unusual.

A homestay can be an affordable option for many international students as students’ monthly rent would usually include bills, food, and even laundry. Moreover, international students have the chance to stay with a Russian family and learn more about Russia’s culture and language.

Knowing about accommodations in Russia is an important part of your preparation to study there. Aside from it, learn more about Russia, such as its cost of living by checking out MSM Unifys’ article on How Much Does it Really Cost to Study in Russia.