One of the most important decisions one can make as a student or even as an adult is the decision to study abroad. Thus, for many aspiring students, missing the chance to get accepted into their chosen higher educational institution (HEI), just because they are not that adept with the process, is frustrating. So, many students turn to education agents to help them. 

However, with various education agents, and the different types of services they offer, how do you choose the right one? When choosing the right education agent, what is it that you have to look for?

What’s an Education Agent and What Do They Do? 

Although many HEIs accept direct applications from applicants, getting an education agent is a good option to make if you are new, or unsure of how admission processes work.

Mainly, an education agent’s task is to assist college applicants in various processes they have to undergo when applying for an HEI, including guidance when applying for their student visa, looking for the right accommodation, and arranging their health insurance once the student gets into their institution of choice. 

Aside from assisting in the whole admission process, here are other things an education agent can do for aspiring international students: 

How do you choose an Education Agent?

Here are some of the things you should consider when looking for an education agent. 


The first thing you should look for and check is the agent’s credentials to avoid getting scammed and to get your money’s worth in case you have to shell some money out. Things you can ask for to ensure the agent is legitimate is their certification or authorization from your chosen HEI, or from a legitimate recruitment service provider. Some HEI’s, for example, provide a list of agents and recruitment service providers from their own official websites, which you can check to validate. 


The reason you need an education agent is due to their own experience when it comes to an HEI’s admission processes. Moreover, one thing that sets most education agents apart is their experience and well-established relations with various institutions as this can show how well-informed they are in their advice and the updates you get about various institutions. 

Not Everything is About the Money

If at the onset, an agent is already talking about huge amounts of money or asking you to pay them a large amount, then you should avoid this type of agent. However, you can ask about the fees you have to pay when using their services. Keep in mind that in using an education agent’s service, basic agent services are usually free, as it’s usually an HEI’s role to pay education agents a commission when they succeed in recruiting students. 

Choosing the right education agent is important if you want to make your application in an HEI abroad easier. However, if until now, you’re not sure on whether to get an agent’s assistance or not, check out MSM Unify’s article on The Pros and Cons of Getting an Education Agent

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