Dublin, Ireland’s capital city, offers a lot of attractions that students can visit while studying in the country. 

For students and visitors who want to learn more about the city and how to go around it, check out this transportation guide to know the modes of transportation you can use in Dublin.

Facts About Dublin

Dublin, the Republic of Ireland’s capital and the largest city, is known for being warm and welcoming to its visitors. Moreover, since Dublin is the country’s capital city, most of its highest-ranking and most prestigious institutions such as the University College Dublin, and Trinity College Dublin are also there.

Although no one is sure of the exact year when Dublin was discovered, it was believed that even before the common era, hunter-gatherers had already made Dublin their home, as evidenced by the many stone monoliths they made, which can still be found in the city today. Moreover, the city is also home to various museums, architecture, and even pubs. 

Currently, the city has become a famous destination in Ireland, in terms of tourists visiting it and international students studying there. That is why the people of Dublin are so used to interacting with various cultures and ethnicities. In fact, Dublin has a global village, Parnell Street, where migrants from various parts of the world live. Lastly, the people of Dublin are known for being a warm and welcoming bunch who love to have fun.

Going Around Dublin

Dublin is a big city with a lot of attractions and places to explore for those curious enough to look for them. For international students and visitors, if they want to go around the city, here are the various modes of transportation in Dublin they should know about. 

Save Money by Walking and Biking

For students who want to save more money and avoid public transportations, there’s the option to walk or use bicycles to go around the city. Walking or biking is a good way to include regular exercise into a students’ daily activity. Plus, for students who are more environmentally conscious, it is a good way to lessen pollution in the air. 

Moreover, for students who want to go around the city through bicycles, good news, as there are various bike-sharing schemes they can access. For students planning to stay in Dublin for one year or more, Dublin Bikes has an annual membership of only €35.

Going Around By Bus

Dublin’s city buses are one of the most popular ways to travel around the city. Moreover, it’s also an economical way to go from the airport to Dublin’s city center. 

In most cases, students can purchase a one-journey ticket from the bus driver once they board the bus. However, if they want to save more money and if they’re staying in Dublin as full-time students, they can apply for a Student Leap Card. This card entitles students to discounted tickets not only for buses but also for trains and coaches in the city. 

Dublin’s Commuter Rail System

Dublin’s commuter rail system, the Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) operates four main lines across the city. Just like buses, students can also use their Leap Card to get discounts when purchasing a ride through this rail system.

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