A student visa is necessary for you to enter New Zealand. Once you receive an admission offer and accept, the next step is to obtain a student visa. 

Getting a student visa can be confusing for first-time international students. If you are one, you need the right information in getting a student visa. 

If you want to know how to get a student visa to study in New Zealand, we got you covered. Here’s a guide to getting a student visa in New Zealand: 

General Application Process for a Student Visa

The application process varies depending on the type of student visa application for your case. It’s best to visit the website of New Zealand’s immigration department. Take note that you can only apply while you’re outside New Zealand.

From there, you can select conditions that apply to you. By doing this, you can get your specific eligibility and document requirements.

Student visa application also varies depending on your citizenship and home country. All these may seem complex so using the immigration website is truly your best go.

In general, here’s the application process for a student visa:

  1. Visit the immigration website
  2. Find out which type of student visa is right for your case
  3. Check the eligibility criteria for that student visa
  4. Check the types of evidence you can present per criteria
  5. Fill out an electronic application form
  6. Provide all document requirements. May include:

Ineligible Candidates for a Student Visa

You’re eligible to apply for a student visa once you’ve secured admission to a university. However, some candidates will not get application approval due to various reasons.

Apart from ineligibility, you must also consider that you may lose the right to your student visa. This happens under various circumstances which may include the following:

Here are some ineligible candidates for a student visa:

Student Visa Limitations

You must be a full-time student to apply for a student visa. As long as you pay your tuition, you can get a student visa.

If your program follows the New Zealand year, the visa will expire the following year. This usually happens by the end of March.

You can also get a student visa as a part-time student. Here are some conditions:

A student visa is an essential requirement for international students. For more helpful articles regarding studying and living in New Zealand, browse through our blogs here at MSM Unify.

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