Many students wrestle with the final writing sections of the TOEFL. More than English command, the TOEFL tests your wit’s end. You must exhaust compelling ideas that encapsulate the breadth of your knowledge. 

The writing section in the TOEFL lasts for 50 minutes and has two parts. The first is an Integrated Writing Task. This involves listening and reading an excerpt from a lecture. You’ll then receive an essay question related to the passage and must answer in 150–250 words.

The second is an Independent Writing Task. This includes an essay prompt that you must answer in 300 words under 30 minutes. This section allows more creative freedom in your writing.

If you want to ace the TOEFL writing test, there are various methods that can boost your skills. Here are some tips to get a better score in each writing task:

Form an Essay Structure for Concept Organization

Your utmost priorities in your essays must be coherence, consistency, and creativity. To achieve this, plotting your essay organization can give you a head start. Through this, you won’t have to pause in-between the short timeframe to plan what to write next.

When introducing an idea, it’s best to write a great foundation that branches out into specific points. In writing, complexity is your greatest enemy. Your goal is for the examiner to absorb your ideas without falling into confusion. 

Jot Down Important Notes

Keep note of vital points from the preparatory materials in the Integrated Task. Remember that your goal here is to relay the idea without copying anything you’ve heard or read.

Determine overlapping concepts and flag contrasting views to provide counterarguments. You must also note similarities and interconnected ideas to support your main point. Do this with a clear mind but with consideration of the time limit.

Follow the Prompt

It can be tempting to expand a single idea once you find compelling source material to support it. But if it’s not aligned with your main point, leave it behind and move forward.

You might be carried away by the fright and excitement of writing an essay. Remember the prompt and focus your energy on satisfying it. Introducing unrelated ideas is unnecessary and you might risk losing points for it. 

Build a Robust Vocabulary

A good essay demands great skill in choosing the right words. You’re under a word limit so you must select the perfect terms in your essay.

Brevity in writing is a demonstration of wit and originality. With a refined vocabulary, it will be easier to express your thoughts in a short yet sweet structure.

Practice Proper Grammar and Spelling

In writing, you must also observe proper usage of English grammar.  Using it incorrectly may lead to poor construction and reduced appeal. 

Take note of your spelling too. Check your essay for any spelling errors before submitting it. The writing test is handwritten so you must be careful in making each word legible for the examiner. 

Consistent practice can lead you to success in the TOEFL writing test. If you’re taking this exam, follow more study tips here at MSM Unify.

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