Festivals in Germany are some of the loudest and largest in the world, gathering millions of people from across the globe, uniting to celebrate the country’s vibrant and rich culture. 

You may have already heard of the iconic beer festival that takes place during Oktoberfest, which attracts foreigners to visit Germany. But aside from that, there are also myriads of other exciting festivals to celebrate, each with unique and unforgettable experiences to offer that will make your stay in Germany very worthwhile.

Here are some of the country’s traditional festivals worth checking out as an international student:

Oktoberfest in Munich

Experiencing this festival is certainly the ultimate way to celebrate beer with your friends.

Oktoberfest is an annual three-week-long festival that is held in Munich, Germany starting from late September and ending on the first Sunday of October. Millions of people gather to enjoy Bavarian beer and food, live bands, and parades. You can find large beer tents run by different Bavarian brewers with thousands of people in traditional Bavarian clothing enjoying mugs of beers over traditional Bavarian music blasting from the speakers. This festival also doesn’t limit its activities for drinkers because they also include amusement rides and fun activities such as parades to watch to your heart’s content. 

Karneval in Cologne

It’s time to dress up in quirky costumes in one of the most colorful festivals in Germany. 

In Cologne, Germany a great carnival is held in Heumarkt during February, with crowds of revelers in wacky costumes to take over the city in a week-long celebration. Kicking off on its first day with a parade and open pubs blasting traditional music, followed by more live performances, street shows, and parties in the upcoming days. A series of mad experiences you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin

A unique place of artistic exploration and entertainment for all the cinephiles out there. 

During your February trip, you can consider stopping by Berlinale, which is held in Berlin at the European Film Market and is considered as one of the largest international film festivals in the world, showcasing hundreds of films of various genres to enjoy as low as $12. For the week you can also attend various programs and workshops hosted by professionals at the European Film Market. And if you are lucky enough, you may be able to catch sight of one of your favorite celebrities. 

Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg

Join Germany’s largest music platform by witnessing more than 350 live concerts of various genres.

Before indulging in the Oktoberfest, you may want to check out the Reeperbahn Festival, which is held from the 19th to the 22nd of September in St. Pauli, Hamburg. This festival caters to every music lover to offer an unforgettable experience to listen to a plethora of live music concerts ranging from jazz to pop and more. More awaits in the festival such as art exhibitions and film screenings as well as an opportunity for industry artists to attend meetings, networking events, showcases, and award shows. 

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