Starting your first year in medical school is a daunting experience. But it can also be an enjoyable one! 

The key to making a memorable study experience is in your hands. If you want to unlock the fun out of medical school, there are certain things you must and mustn’t do.

If you’re a first-year medical student, here are some dos and don’ts to guide you in med school: 


Expand Your Social Circle

Building friendships in medical school brings plenty of benefits. For one, you’ll have a support network while you’re away from your loved ones. Second, you’ll get helpful advice both in studies and in life.

Expanding your social circle has career-oriented benefits too. It broadens your professional network, giving you a boost in career prospects.

Find Your Learning Style

There’s no universal learning style that guarantees academic success. You must find the one that generates the best results for you.

Find a study technique you’re comfortable with, but don’t become dependent on it. As much as possible, you want to be a versatile learner. So you can revamp your learning style depending on the course and the teaching approach.

Join Study Groups

Sometimes, studying feels much better when you’re in the comfort of a group. Having people around you assures you and eases academic pressure.

Join study groups so you can gloss over topics that you might have missed if you’re studying alone. It’s a great way to start friendships too!

Balance School and Life 

Attending med school is a difficult undertaking, so it’s natural to prioritize it over everything else. But don’t let your entire life revolve around it!

There’s more to life than medical school. And while others definitely have the luxury to be more laid back, you deserve it too. Strike a balance between school and life matters to make your learning meaningful.


Don’t Buy New Textbooks

Medical textbooks are expensive! You don’t have to make a hefty investment buying them.

Most medical textbooks are available online for free. Your library might even have multiple copies of them. If you must own a personal copy, find a second-hand one.

Don’t Try To Learn Everything

Turning yourself into a human sponge is the worst thing you can do to your brain. Don’t try to absorb everything you’ve learned. At most, it’s best to understand key concepts then learn slowly but steadily in time.

Forcing your brain to retain tons of information is unhealthy. Take a break sometimes before your body begins to take the pressure.

Don’t Base Your Success on Others

Med school is not a competition. Everybody learns at their own pace while trying to achieve their personal goals.

You will do yourself a great disservice if you base your success on others. Refrain from comparing their achievements to yours. Focus on your own lane and you’ll soon reach the finish line you’ve been wanting to cross.

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