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Finally living alone in a place miles from home, you are yet to experience the college life you are waiting to feel. Dorm life comes with a lot of perks, from hangouts, parties, food runs, to being independent as you please. But hold on, it also comes with big responsibilities.

And it can get overwhelming. Living alone without the help of your mom and dad can be stressful. You will need to learn how to cook your meals, take care of your laundry, and manage the basic tasks by yourself. Fret not, we are here to help. Check out these college dorm room essentials that will keep you from all your college worries:


Medicines may not be the first thing that you will put on your to-bring list, but medicines are equally important to other items. When you feel sick after stressing over exams and staying up late, good medicine will keep you through it. To make sure that you will be well on your exam day, do not forget to bring some medicines and other items in your luggage, such as:

We hope that you stay well during your studies, but if sickness comes your way, or your roommate catches it, you will know that you can easily recover from it.

Exercise gear

If you are a gym rat, exercise gear would probably go into your list. But if not, you should consider it. Exercising helps you improve your physical health. Along with staying on a good diet, eating nutritious foods, and keeping a healthy lifestyle. It also helps you maintain a fit body and mind while studying. Here are some things you should bring for working out:

Laundry supplies

Aside from dorm amenities such as a washer and dryer, your dorm will not provide you everything else. Your parents are not there to remind you of the washer settings and you will have to bring your laundry essentials. Some necessary items for laundry are:

Cleaning supplies

One task that may haunt you in your dorm life is cleaning your room. From books piling up, clothes scattered on the floor, to a mountain of tissues around the garbage bin. You surely don’t want to experience this kind of nightmare. So, to remove the stress of having a dirty room, here are some cleaning essentials you don’t want to miss:

Personal expression

This list isn’t all about chore essentials. You can also bring some items that will show off your personality. Give yourself the chance to express yourself—display your favorite posters, tapestry, polaroid pictures, books, or vinyl records. This way, peers with the same interests will want to get along with you more.

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