Studying abroad is one of the best investments in life one can take due to the many benefits and opportunities it offers. International students gain international exposure and get to learn more about other cultures, receive a quality education, experience living independently, and improve their academic performance. Most importantly, they receive higher salaries compared to their peers. Thus, it is only natural to give decisions related to it sufficient thought, especially in choosing an institution and program. 

There are many known higher education institutions worldwide that students compete to get in, and while reputation and name are a factor, it should not be limited to that. In fact, there are other considerations one should think of.


The first thing to consider is the cost of studying abroad. Many have limited themselves from taking an international education due to the exorbitant tuition fees and cost of living in another country. However, this should not be the case. In fact, tons of scholarships and financial aid are being offered by various institutions worldwide. 

Aside from tuition fees, students should also take into consideration the cost of living for each city and country. One only needs to research to know how much it costs to study in specific countries or institutions. 

The cost of studying is usually a factor that narrows down people’s choices in choosing an institution or a program. 

Program of Your Choice

Many people usually forget that the program of your choice is much more important than the institution as it answers the question of why students choose to study abroad in the first place. This is true, especially when choosing postgraduate programs, which will really shape your professional career and a factor in getting promotions at work. In order to choose, students must research thoroughly the various institutions, the coursework included for each program, the teaching quality of each institution, and even the requirements needed to apply. 


Some factors one takes into consideration when it comes to a location are the location’s picturesque areas, green spaces available, the activities available around if there are famous places with strong historical values near the institution, and convenience. Not only is it exciting to study in those places, but it is also a good way to connect with many people. However, keep in mind that aside from the visual, cultural, and convenience factors, one must also take into consideration the location’s safety and security. For example, areas known for chaos and civil unrest are not ideal places to study for a foreigner. To check a location’s safety, students can read the news and read on world rankings on the safest countries to live in. 

Activities and Network 

Remember that your institution of choice will be your home for the next few months or years while studying abroad. Thus, learning about the activities and the types of people you will interact with is also important. 

To help you, ask yourself these questions:

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