3 of the Best Student Discount Cards for International Students

Studying overseas shouldn’t stop you from seeing what the host country has to offer apart from education. Your journey as an international student shouldn’t start and end in school; you need to explore, too. 

But exploring can be a bit pricey and not at all student-friendly. Fortunately, there are three amazing student discount cards that can offer a lot of value for money.

Dine out, travel, and shop all you want using any of the discount cards below:

International Student Identification Card (ISIC)

The International Student Identification Card (ISIC) is the only internationally recognized student ID and proof of full-time status as a student. This card is recognized in about 130 countries and territories all over the world. 

The ISIC is also endorsed to international students by UNESCO, universities, organizations, governments, and different departments or ministries of education.

The ISIC is issued by the International Student Travel Confederation. Here are further details: 

You can also use your ISIC to enjoy tourist attractions in the country, saving on travel expenses as well as entrance ticket fees (if any)..

You can look into more discounts on the ISIC list of discounts page


The International Student Exchange Card or ISE Card is another internationally recognized discount card for international students all over the globe. The ISE offers different types of discount cards depending on the needs of the student.

Another option is the Youth ID Card or IYEC. This card costs $15 for a year and $28 for two years. The price is the same as the Student ISE Card but has different benefits and discounts.

International Youth Travel Card (IYTC)

The International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) is a discount card issued by the International Student Travel Confederation. It has over 3,000 offices in the world and partners with specialists in youth travel. 

Have you made up your mind about which student discount card to choose? Keep posted for more features on discount cards and other international student tools and services here at MSM Unify! 

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