Playing sports is a great way to adjust to your host country. It’s a fun way to meet new friends while keeping your mind and body fit.

It’s true that sports don’t seem to be big in Switzerland. But Swiss locals actually love sports, and with Switzerland’s unique landscapes and terrains, it’s a fantastic spot for outdoor fun.

In fact, most Swiss would admit to being part of sports clubs at school. Here are some famous and traditional sports you need to try (and watch) in Switzerland:


Hornussen is a traditional Alpine sport in Switzerland. It may not be as popular as other sports, but it’s significant to Swiss culture. 

In the past, young farmers competed in a hornussen match. Today, the sport is still played in areas such as the Mittelland cantons.

Ice Hockey

The best way to spend a cold winter season in Switzerland is by playing ice hockey. It’s one of the most popular sports in Switzerland that fills stadiums with thousands of fans.

Over 16,000 ice hockey matches take place each year. With the high attendance rate, watching a game itself can be a memorable experience.

You can also try out a few ice hockey games with your friends. Make sure that you’re wearing safety equipment before hitting the ice rink.


The majestic slopes of the Swiss Alps seem like it’s truly made for skiing. Apart from this, the cool climate in Switzerland makes it a perfect place for winter sports.

Skiing in the Swiss Alps is the ultimate dream for many skiers. You shouldn’t miss the chance to try out skiing at least once during your stay.

Switzerland also has plenty of ski resorts packed with tourists during winter breaks. It’s no wonder that the Swiss’ love for skiing has landed them 59 medals in the Olympics.


Tennis tournaments and casual matches are popular in Switzerland. Home to renowned tennis player Roger Federer, Switzerland has established its name in the global arena.

The International Tennis Federation is also located in Basel, Switzerland. With this, plus a list of skilled athletes, tennis has become popular among Swiss locals.

Tennis is also a great form of exercise as it hones endurance and agility. It also makes your brain sharper, allowing you to respond quickly in a game.


If you’re a fan of football, you’ll find an amazing game haven in Switzerland. The country is home to football federations FIFA and UEFA. It also has the World Football Museum in Zurich.

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s a great sport to play for fun or witness in a stadium.

Whether you’re joining a sports club, playing for fun, or simply watching a match, sports is a great way to stay active with your physical health and social life.

Sports can help you adjust to Switzerland life and culture. Want to learn more about fun, recreational activities in Switzerland? Read more of our blogs here at MSM Unify.

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