Known as the home of the Swiss Alps, Switzerland offers diverse scenic areas, which makes it ideal to host unique and spectacular events from music, jazz, and rock & roll festivals, toothsome Swiss delicacies, to witnessing the beautiful Alps from above through the hot-air balloons, there sure is plenty of ways to experience the blissful culture of Switzerland.

Get ready to indulge yourself in Swiss chocolate, luscious Swiss cheese, and exuberating festivals, because here are some of the top largest festivals in Switzerland.

1. International Balloon Festival

One of the most colorful events celebrated every January is the International Balloon Festival. Hot-air balloon pilots from around the world unite on Château-d’Oex to participate in a nine-day celebration featuring hundreds of colorful balloons. If you have plans on a January trip to Switzerland, this festival is worth taking a spot on your bucket list. 

Don’t miss out on the “night glow” during the seventh day where the balloons are lit up by the burners for a magical sightseeing experience. And if you have enough budget, you can experience a ride on the hot-air balloon to enjoy the mesmerizing panorama of the Swiss Alps.

2. Geneva Motor Show

Geneva hosts an International Motor Show every mid-march and it is renowned for being called the “world’s best catwalk for cars,” and as you may have guessed, it is a ramp walk for cars to unveil their new motors for everyone to witness for the first time. Whether you are an aficionado for all-things-automobile or not, the rumbling sounds of these new motor engines are still something you wouldn’t want to miss.

3. Paléo Festival De Nyon

Starting as a two-stage folk festival in 1976, Paléo is now Switzerland’s largest open-air event welcoming 230,000 guests who will enjoy over 250 concerts and shows for six days. Music lovers-alike from all around the world converge in Paleo to enjoy what this electrifying festival has to offer that will make everyone stay up until late hours.

4. Basler Fasnacht

Basler Fasnacht is Switzerland’s largest carnival and also part of the top 50 local festivals in Europe, taking you closer to the country’s cultural celebrations and traditions through its annual festival. You’d have to get up as early to witness the main spotlight of the festival because, at four o’clock, masked pipers and drummers already roam through the city’s old town to set off the tone. Within the three days, the city’s already covered in confetti and is invaded by masked musicians and torch bearers who march with onlookers in tow.

5. Festichoc

Festichoc is the most thrilling event on the list of chocolate festivals in Switzerland that is held annually in the northern extremities of Geneva. Take part in this family-friendly event that will offer both joy and free samples of Swiss chocolate, which surely makes it a heavenly occasion that chocolate lovers shouldn’t miss.

Aside from these exciting fests, you can also enjoy quality education from top-notch Swiss universities. Learn more from our articles here at MSM Unify.

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