In business, substantial data is crucial to make sound decisions. Large chunks of data are retrieved, analyzed, and interpreted each day to describe present information, create predictions, and diagnose gaps in the financial market.

To manage and analyze these data, a business analyst has to combine his/her knowledge and skills with computer-based tools and technology. Information is often derived from statistical methods and quantitative procedures.

In a world fueled by data, the demand for highly skilled business analysts is inevitable. In the United States alone, there is a shortage of around 190,000 professionals with business analytics skills.

If you want to take a Master of Science degree in Business Analytics, studying in the US is a good choice. Not only is the coursework fluid, but graduates of Business Analytics in the country can expect to receive job offers within three to six months post-graduation.

If you’re still unsure of which college or university to enroll in to earn your MS degree, here’s a quick look at the best universities in the US that offer Business Analytics.

UniversityDepartmentAve. Annual Tuition
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySloan School of Management$82,000 
University of California, Los AngelesAnderson School of Management$26,544
University of Texas at AustinMcCombs School of Business$48,000
University of MinnesotaCarlson School of Management$65,250
Michigan State UniversityEli Broad College of Business$39,000
Purdue UniversityKrannert School of Management$48,600
Arizona State UniversityW.P. Carey School of Business$55,488
University of Notre DameMendoza College of Business$55,308
University of California, DavisGraduate School of Management $26,544
University of California, San DiegoRady School of Management$26,544

The list below is ranked by Master of Data Science according to four areas of analytics and business: Statistics, Business Schools, Quantitative Analysis, and Computer Science. They also evaluated the ranking based on GMAT/GRE requirements, EPL Test Score requirements, and annual cost. 

University Program
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMaster of Business Analytics
University of Texas at AustinMaster of Science in Business Analytics
University of ChicagoMaster of Science in Analytics
Columbia UniversityMaster of Science in Applied Analytics
Georgia Institute of TechnologyMaster of Science in Analytics
Purdue UniversityMaster of Science in Business Analytics and Information Management
University of Minnesota -Twin CitiesMaster of Science in Business Analytics
New York UniversityMaster of Science in Business Analytics
Texas A&M UniversityMaster of Science in Analytics
Northwestern UniversityMaster of Science in Analytics

Eligibility Requirements for International Students

Eligibility requirements and application process are typically posted on the university’s website. Most universities also accept applications through their online portal.

Requirements vary from college and university, but in general, an international applicant is required to take and pass an English Language Proficiency (ELP) test like IELTS or TOEFL. Minimum test score requirements are different per college and university.

For academic requirements, a foreign applicant must have a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. This is equivalent to an 83% to 86% score. 

Land a high-paying, in-demand job once you’ve earned your MS in Business Analytics in the US. Check out our other articles at MSM Unify to discover more about what the US has to offer to international postgraduates. 

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