If you want an unpredictable workday, consider a career as an emergency physician. Emergency physicians specialize in applying urgent solutions in life-threatening situations. You might be dealing with fractures one day, cardiac arrests by the next.

Emergency physicians serve a pivotal role in the emergency department. Without them, chaos would ensue, further worsening the patient’s conditions. Luckily for us, they’re always present in moments of peril.

If you think you’re cut out for this job, you need medical education and training. More importantly, you must have inherent skills that would let you thrive at work.

Tick off some of the qualities below and see if you’re fit to become an emergency physician:

You Have Impeccable Decision-Making Skills

In emergencies, the fate of the patient often rests on certain decisions. One wrong move and an emergency physician is at risk of losing a life.

The role of an emergency physician is not made for the indecisive. You must think quickly and choose the best course of action to save the patient. 

You Can Focus on Every Little Detail

As an emergency physician, it’s not rare to encounter the same emergencies twice. But there will be certain differences that you must find out to apply the best care.

If you’re detail-oriented, you’ll notice minor details that make each case unique. For example, if you’re dealing with a bone fracture, you’ll focus on specific matters. You must inspect if there are sources of bleeding and the angle at which the bones tore apart.

You Show Composure in Sensitive Situations

Any type of emergency could send people into a frenzy. An emergency physician must remain calm at all times for various reasons.

For one, he must act composed so that the patient (and family members) won’t panic. Second, he must practice calmness to have the mental clarity to make decisions.

But don’t confuse composure with complacency. Yes, you must remain calm, but you must also move with urgency. If you can manage it, consider choosing this path for your career. 

You Can Juggle Various Tasks at Once

Emergencies don’t come in one by one. You may still be dealing with one case while another patient is already rolling in the emergency department. 

Unless you’ll be working in a hospital with plenty of doctors, you’ll deal with more than one patient each day. You must be capable of moving from one patient to the next.

These tasks don’t only demand you to move fast on your feet. You must also have concentration and time management.

You’re a Natural at Solving Problems

Work inside the emergency department demands problem-solving skills. An emergency physician must determine the resources and procedures for each patient. 

To illustrate, a patient may be rushed to the hospital due to chest pains. Then the patient may recount a series of symptoms that he or she experienced. The emergency physician must then figure out what condition the patient is facing and how to alleviate it. 

If you want a career in the medical field, consider working as an emergency physician. Still, looking for a career to pursue? Flip through our blogs here at MSM Unify to find one that’s best for you.