If you’re looking for a study program that would allow you to use your creativity, and in the future offer you exciting and innovative careers, then a degree in arts and design is the right one for you. Generally, arts and design focus on visual media through graphic design, painting, drawing, and so on. 

Benefits of Studying Arts and Design 

Studying arts and design offers a lot of benefits for its students. Here are the two most notable ones:

Transferable Skills

The skills learned while studying arts and design can set people up to excel in various job roles from different industries. For example, creativity, a type of transferable skill, is an important skill for many employers. This is because a creative mind is necessary for problem-solving and innovation. It also makes it easier to communicate with others and work in a team. 

A Wide Range of Job Opportunities 

Studying arts and design can also open a lot of doors due to the vast range of jobs one can get after graduating from it. In fact, graduates can work in TV productions, academe, advertising, video games, and so on. Moreover, because it creates careers that offer flexibility, graduates of arts and design can also benefit from the increasing opportunities for gig workers. 

High-Paying Arts and Design Jobs in the US

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual average salary of a worker in the arts and design sector is higher than the average salary of most Americans.

For individuals thinking of pursuing a degree in arts and design and eventually working in the US, here are some of the highest-paying jobs one can find. 

Art Director

Art directors in 2020 can make an average annual salary of $97,270, the highest on this list. Generally, art directors are in charge of creating an overall design and supervise their team on how to develop artworks and layouts in line with what their company works on or needs. Most of the time, they work in magazines, newspapers, movies and television, and product packaging.

Special Effects Artist, Animator

A special effects artist or animator has an exciting job creating special effects for various media such as movies, video games, television shows, and so on. Because of their work, special effects artists and animators usually work with other artists in a team when developing any kind of media. Each artist usually works on specific portions of a project, and then someone puts all their work together to make it cohesive. 

In 2020, the average annual salary of a special effects artist or animator is around $77,700. 

Fashion Designer 

Fashion designers design clothes, accessories, and footwear for a company or their own business. Some of the roles of a fashion designer include sketching designs, selecting the materials for a specific design, and giving instructions to those involved in making their designs into a product. 

A fashion designer in 2020 makes around $75,810 in one year. 

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers work in manufacturing to produce concepts for cars, appliances, homes, and even toys. In order to do this, they need to have an understanding of various subjects like business, engineering and combine them with art. 

An industrial designer, as of 2020, makes around $71,640 per year. 

A degree in arts and design can open a lot of opportunities in the US. Aside from that,  the US is home to some of the highest-paying jobs in the world. 

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