With all of its development and riches, what are the advantages of finishing a degree in the UAE? 

The UAE in Modern Times

In modern times, The United Arab Emirates, one of the richest countries in the world, has earned a reputation as a favorite tourist destination, and one of the most diverse countries in the Middle East. Also, it is one of the most modern and developed countries in the world, not only because it is a trading hub, but because of its infrastructures, reflected in some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world such as the Burj Khalifa and the Shanghai Tower. 

When it comes to higher education, the UAE has also become a favorite among many students worldwide, and the numbers are rising

The Advantages of Finishing a Degree in the UAE

Below are some of the benefits one gets after studying and graduating in the UAE. 

Higher Chance to Work in the UAE

Did you know that the UAE is home to many expats? In fact, the majority of UAE’s population, or more than 80% of it, is made up of expats and many came from the following countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Iran, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China. 

According to the Expat Explorer Survey in 2018, the top reasons why many expats decided to work in the UAE is due to the following reasons: 

According to the same survey, expats who started working in the UAE have reported a 40% increase in their average income compared to 25% of other expats in other countries. Moreover, workers in the UAE, unlike in other countries, do not have to pay an income tax. 

With the kind of opportunities that the UAE offers, expect that it would be difficult to get a job there. Now, the easiest way to get a job there is to apply to some of its in-demand professions, or study there and earn a degree. In recent years, the UAE has allowed international students to work part-time while studying, making it easier for students, even after graduating, to get a job in their own field. 

You Get to Have a Helpful Alumni Network 

The UAE is a diverse country, thus, expect to build a useful network you can tap and use after you graduate. In fact, aside from having a supportive institution where student support departments can help its students secure internships and job opportunities, the UAE is also known for having a strong alumni network, which can further help someone in whatever future career they choose to pursue. 

Increase Your Employability After You Graduate

In case you chose not to pursue a career in the UAE, but in your home country or other countries expect an increase in your employability. In fact, the lessons international students get while studying abroad such as gaining a broader perspective, developing their problem-solving skills are some of the reasons why many companies choose to hire them. Moreover, if you studied and graduated in the UAE, it also means a better perspective on the Arab market and other nationalities in the world.

Getting a degree in the UAE is a good investment that can open a lot of opportunities. However, how much does it really cost to study in this modern country in the Middle East? To know how much, check out MSM Unify’s article on How Much Does It Really Cost To Study in the United Arab Emirates?

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