Preparing to study and live in another country can be a lot for international students. Aside from choosing the country and institution where they want to study, you also have to prepare for exams and visa applications. After going through all those, the next thing to do is to look for accommodations for international students. 

There are various factors to consider when choosing accommodations because you may have to stay there for months or for years. Thus, taking some time to research is a must. To help you decide, here is a list of things to consider when choosing accommodations and the accommodation options available.

A Guide to Accommodations for International Students

Factors to Consider When Looking for Accommodations for International Students

The basic things to consider when deciding on a place to live are the location, the cost and what’s included in the fee, safety, and internet connectivity.


Is the place near your institution? Are places like restaurants, gyms, local shops, and transportation terminals accessible from your accommodation? Those are just some of the questions one needs to answer when taking location into consideration. 

Cost and Inclusions

Accommodations for international students vary in cost. Accommodation costs usually depend on the location, convenience, and inclusions. 

Accommodations near campuses and inside capital cities cost more because of their convenience and the city’s cost of living. On the other hand, accommodations in provinces or those outside the capital city cost less. Some accommodation costs would also include electricity, water, the use of a kitchen and/or laundry area, and 24/7 security. 


Aside from the location and its price, another crucial factor for choosing student accommodations is safety. When choosing where to stay, it may be useful to check the place’s background, the organization or individual that owns it, the history of the area where it is located, and the security systems included in the accommodation. 

Internet Connectivity 

An internet connection has become a necessity for studying and connecting to people including friends in school, and family and friends in your home country.  

Try to research if the accommodation you want has a strong and reliable internet connection or if you still need to apply for one. 

Types of Student Accommodations 

Now that you know the things to consider in choosing accommodations for international students, the next thing to do is to decide what type of accommodation you want. The most common types of accommodations students can choose from are on-campus accommodations, rentals, and homestays. 

Campus Accommodations

On-campus accommodations are usually the cheapest and most convenient choice for international students. In addition, since these residence halls and dormitories are inside the campus, students living there will save on transportation costs. 

The downside is that there is less freedom since they are confined by the school’s regulations and limited by the available facilities. A dorm room may also be shared with another student, so there is also little privacy. 

Rented Accommodations 

Students looking for more freedom while staying in another country can rent a room or an apartment. Rental costs vary depending on the location, facilities, size of the room or number of rooms in an apartment, and inclusions. 


Students who want to experience living with the locals and practice speaking the local language may opt for a homestay. Students usually have their own rooms in a homestay. In many cases, meals are also provided by the family and included in their rental fee. 

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