Traveling alone in Australia is an ambitious endeavor. For foreign students, it carries a daunting yet exciting premise. Regardless, it’s a fun quest you shouldn’t miss.

The absence of a company accounts for a more thrilling adventure. Moreover, it enables you to harness incredible independence in your journey.

Going solo guarantees a life-changing escapade filled with great memories. But traveling alone is more demanding than it seems. Being street-smart alone won’t cut it.

If you want to see iconic Australian destinations, a handful of tips will help you out. Start your solo trip with the tips below:

Make Advance Booking a Habit

Every destination spot in Australia is compelled to employ COVID-prevention practices. This means limited slots for guests who want to see the place.

With this in mind, make reservations as soon as you can. Slots tend to fill up quickly so it’s best to book months before your trip.

Be a Wise Spender

Local gift shops and souvenir stores are ubiquitous in top destinations. These places will tempt you to empty your pocket of glee. 

It’s okay to buy items as a remembrance of your stay. Just refrain from mindless spending.

Take the Mass Transit 

Mass transit is not only cheaper but it’s also an adventure on its own. Take it so you can be more familiar with travel routes and turns.

If you have to take domestic flights, book early. This gives you a better chance at cheaper ticket rates.

Feast on a Budget

Enjoying a full-course meal doesn’t have to be expensive! In fact, if you know where the good food is, you’ll save a lot on feasting. 

Many must-try foods in Australia won’t leave you broke. Be sure to try them out!

Keep a Bag of Electronic Essentials

Naturally, you’d want to pack your gadget chargers and extra power banks. But you can also bring some lights (preferably solar-powered), and an extra mobile phone.

You must also get a waterproof bag to store all your electronics. You wouldn’t want them to get damaged on your trips.

Buy a First Aid Kit

Accidents are inevitable. It’s even worse when there’s no one to help you apply immediate care.

Don’t forget to get a first aid kit and fill it with essentials. Keep a couple of medicines, bandages, cotton balls, and swabs. Don’t forget a bottle of disinfectant alcohol too.

Read More Safe Travel Tips

Solo travelers can expect an exhilarating experience despite the lack of company. While it can be a fun journey, it carries its own set of dangers as well. That also means that you’re more vulnerable to peril, natural or man-inflicted.

Australia is a relatively safe country. But that does not mean it’s free of criminals. These people often cherry-pick tourists as targets. Without a travel group, your life can be at risk. Remember to read travel tips to make sure that you can deter harm out of the way.

Traveling alone brings its own set of thrills and fun. If you want to study in Australia to enjoy a solo trip, take a look at the top reasons why you must choose Australia as your study destination.

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