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Criminology is known as the interdisciplinary study of crime, as a social phenomenon, its forms and origins, causes and effects, social reactions, and enforcement functions attached to it. It also emphasizes the complexities of a criminal and its deviant behavior. If you are a person who is interested in in-depth, critical, and focused learning through a multitude of fields, criminology might be fit for you. This course demands you to have an integrative approach to individual and societal behaviors.

Here are some reasons why you should take a criminology degree:

Help keep a safe society

Criminologists play a big part in maintaining peace and order. The criminology program is of high value to society that discusses how crimes work, how criminals break the law and find areas to develop and improve juvenile education systems, crime prevention, and rehabilitation.

Exciting learning

As criminals find new ways to commit crimes, the discipline has slowly evolved into finding areas on where and how peace can be properly maintained. Criminology can be an exciting and challenging program with new different research areas that you can focus on. Some subjects in this course include Juvenile Delinquency, Culture and Crime, Police and Society, Criminal Justice System, Victimology, and others centered on fundamentals and principles. Also, there are forensic laboratories with activities that you can enjoy while learning.

Learn subjects that interest you

Criminology is interdisciplinary, meaning you will have to cover various disciplines such as economics, history, psychology, sociology, and mathematics apart from the major criminology classes. You have the freedom to pick modules that interest you. For example, you can choose to study research policy, law enforcement, or crime prevention.

Various career pathways

After graduating, a criminology student will have the chance to work in different fields depending on his expertise. Aside from the usual police officer or law enforcer, being a criminologist enables you to work in various industries such as the following:

Optional sandwich year

If you choose to study criminology, it may give you the chance to undertake a career placement in a relevant organization. If you are lucky, this could take place abroad. Work placements provide you enough experiences for your future work and contribute a lot to your employment prospects once you graduate.

Chance to study abroad

Taking up this discipline will also give you the opportunity to study abroad. Some universities offer this to students to further learn a specific crime in that country. You can also live there while learning about the country’s criminal and juvenile systems.

Criminology is a degree that will certainly challenge you. If this course interests you enough, we hope that we have contributed to your deciding factor on why you will choose this program.

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