Spain is a nation of fun, exciting, and diverse experiences. It has an outstanding education system, top-notch study programs, and internationally recognized educational institutions – but it doesn’t stop there. May it be the language, cuisine, places, lifestyle, or people, Spain continues to attract students from different parts of the world.

Spain is regarded as one of the best study destinations in the world, and students enjoy a chance to immerse in its rich culture. It is no surprise that Spain is a popular home for international students. If you are interested in the unique experience of staying in Spain, here are some of the best reasons why this country can give you the time of your life while pursuing your studies:


Spanish is one of the most influential languages in the world. Widely spoken across different continents, Spanish is the world’s second-most used language. And what better place to learn it than in Spain, its country of origin. Universities in Spain offer Spanish language courses that will help you navigate this beautiful country and learn its culture. You can also learn Spanish on your own by conversing with the country’s beautiful people.


Discover Spain’s colorful history as you tour around the country’s historic landmarks. This country has played a role in the most important events in human history and remnants of the past can still be seen across the country.

Every old street and building tells a story of the country’s history. The Prado in Madrid, which had been a meeting place for intellectuals, a barrack for Napoleon’s troops, then a palace, is now a museum that is popular among tourists. There is also the Catedral de Sevilla in Seville, which was built over the city’s mosque, and is now considered the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.


Here are some of the most delectable reasons to study in Spain: delicacies such as chorizo, gazpacho, jamon, pisto, and the renowned paella. By studying in Spain, not only will you be able to experience the authentic taste of the country’s local cuisine, but you may also learn how to make these dishes yourself.

For instance, while you take a break from your studies, why not try to make some tapas? Tapas are a small savory dish, appetizer or snack that might include bread and meat or a few selections of ham, squid, mussels, mushrooms, and other veggies. It is a great way for fresh students to try their hand at making Spanish dishes.


Spain is a country that loves celebrations in the form of fiestas and festivals. It is no wonder that every city or small village in the country has its own special celebration. During holidays, you can enjoy some of these world-famous Spanish festivals:

Other fun festivals that you can experience in Spain are the Pamplona Bull Run, Semana Santa, Las Fallas, and many more.


A country is only as interesting as its people, and Spain is home to some of the best people in the world. The Spanish people, or Spaniards, are passionate, fun, dedicated, and they live life to the fullest. You don’t have to worry about being a student in Spain because its locals are easy to get along with.

If your program in architecture in Madrid, hospitality management in Marbella, or interior design in Barcelona is beginning to weigh on you, there is an exciting social life waiting for you outside the classroom.

Consider the world-class academic capabilities and exciting social life that Spain can offer when looking for the perfect place to pursue your studies.

These are just some of the best reasons to study in Spain. Besides getting high-quality education and experiencing a unique culture, you will get to explore and discover more about the beautiful country of Spain. Learn about other activities enjoyed by students in Spain by reading more articles at MSM Unify.

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