Even some of the world’s most famous courses are subject to misconceptions. While many of these faults existed in the past, some still prevail.

At present, there are still signs that show misunderstandings of an engineering degree. Some of these may even be the reason why you’re not choosing this course.

In this blog, we debunked four myths associated with an engineering degree. Read on to find out:

“Engineering is a Field Made for Men”

It’s disappointing to think that some still associate a degree with gender. It’s true that this idea was more prevalent in the past, but it still persists today.

Engineering is a field where the majority of professionals are men. However, women could also dominate this industry. In fact, there are many famous women engineers who can affirm this.

There’s Edith Clarke who invented the Clark Calculator used in power transmissions. And of course, Hedy Lamarr, who made Wi-Fi possible today.

With guts, determination, and skills, you can take engineering regardless of your gender. Don’t let these gender biases dictate your choices. 

“Engineering is all About Math and Machines”

Acuity in mathematics is vital but engineering doesn’t only revolve around it. The application of mathematical principles is only a part of engineering.

For the most part, engineers also dive into the science of structure and composition. They also deal with managerial tasks, especially during projects.

It’s also wrong to think that engineering is aligned with machinery. Engineers can also manage machines but their roles go beyond that. Certain engineering programs don’t even deal with machines at all.

“Engineering Only Caters to One Industry”

People often think that engineering only serves construction industries. The truth is, it’s a very versatile degree where skills are transferable.

For example, engineering could also serve business through programs such as engineering management. There’s also engineering in the production of medical equipment and tools. Engineering also exists in information technology and history.

If you earn an engineering degree, you can assume various roles that need in-demand skills. You’ll have critical thinking skills, problem analysis, and other technical abilities. 

“Engineering Hinders Creative Expression”

If you think engineering trumps creativity due to its technical nature, think again. Engineering fosters creative thinking in various forms.

Studying engineering forces you to think out of the box. It also encourages engineers to break from the conventions of style and structure.

Engineers are problem solvers too. While generating solutions, it kickstarts the brain into creative mode. This process allows professionals to handle things beyond the technical restrictions. 

“Engineering is Not Fun”

Engineering may seem like a rigid course, again due to its technical nature. But it’s certainly not a boring program.

Studying engineering allows one to have access to groundbreaking technologies. You’ll also partake in mini-projects to build exciting new tools or products.

While fun is subjective, it’s wrong to assume that engineering won’t be enjoyable. It’s a course concerned with various fields, so you wouldn’t run out of things to do. 

There are several myths about an engineering degree that turn out to be false. Flip through our articles here at MSM Unify to find related content.

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