hobbies that will help you to your college application

Aside from being a pastime, hobbies have other benefits. Be it baking, playing video games, reading comic books or photography, your hobbies can get you somewhere. It can get you into your dream school.

Colleges look for students who stand out in their application, expecting that they will contribute something to the school community. Discover the benefits of hobbies and how they can make your applications impressive:

Build key skills

Hobbies may be seen as an outlet for creativity or escape from studies but these help you reinforce your skills and character. Whether you are doing yoga or learning how to cook something, it helps you process new information and soon apply it in future events. It can also boost your self-confidence, motivation, communication skills, sense of responsibility, and leadership capabilities.

Relieve stress

To get away with the stress of your study, your hobby can get you into relaxing and decompressing. It can be your way to breathe from self-inducing workloads. After your study in math, maybe treating yourself for creative or physical activity is all that you need.

Improve your college application

Admissions officers that will screen your application do not only look for the brightest students but well-rounded ones, too. A list of your hobbies, interests, and talents will give them an additional perspective to your resume that you are a multi-layered and talented candidate.

Subject for college essay

Having a difficult time thinking about what to write for your application essay? Try to write what you are most passionate about. Your hobbies can be an interesting subject to talk about. Share stories on how you learned it and continue to enhance it. Tell them what changes it has done to you. Write about the mistakes you’ve made and how you overcame them.

Pick an aspect about your hobby then start from there. Relate it to something interesting and do not stray away from your main idea. Maybe solving puzzles made you more patient. Or maybe puzzles inspired you to make a business out of it.

Help you earn money

Is there any better way to make the best out of your hobby by making a living out of it? Normally, hobbies do not help you earn money. But a lot of teens have found ways to monetize their hobbies. Some sell jewelry on Etsy, while others bake cupcakes and post them online. Not only this helps in financing your college, but it also develops key business skills such as accounting, marketing, and customer service.

At the end of the day, having your personal brand will help you get into a college. Many have been selected for their academics and extracurriculars. It is now your time to introduce yourself to the college you’re applying to in your own way.

College applications can be stressful. To help you ease with the hassle, we have tips on such topics here at MSM Unify.

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